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President in the administrative council meeting of Yazd province:

Joint Comprehensive National Plan should be planned and implemented to develop the country/JCPOA realisation of people’s wishes with the lowest cost, shortest route/We have the ability to become the best globally

President Rouhani described JCPOA achievements as the realisation of people’s wishes and resolve with the lowest cost and the shortest route and said: “Nuclear negotiating team could establish Iranian nation’s rights with the support of the nation and the Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

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Mon 07 - March 2016 - 22:28

In this meeting which was held late on Monday, President Rouhani referred to sanctions and resolutions by world powers and said: “The Iranian nation, in the 1392 election, eliminated threat and changed the view of the world towards Iran”.

“The nation’s mass turn out in the elections well proved the national power, paved the way for people to achieve their rights and make United Nation to remove its unilateral sanctions already approved”, he added.

Emphasizing that all world nations today trust the power of Iran’s diplomacy, Rouhani said: “As Iran has already showed the world its defensive power during the time of Sacred Defense, today it has well proved its diplomacy in the negotiations with world powers and thereby stabilized its rights”.

Also stating that Iranian nation could well achieve its legal and political rights and remove the sanctions, he added:” Removal of the sanctions means that foreign states today can easily cooperate with Iranian private sectors and banks, so it is once again up to the nation to attract and guide foreign investments within the country”.

“As far as Iran should be reconstructed by its own nation, so all of us should embark on creating an Islamic Iran within which all various tastes and approaches be united”, President said.

“Although Iranian state and nation, because of very low oil revenues, have passed behind very hard economic times in 1394 (2015), so they should strive hard today to put the country on the right track of economic flourishing in the coming 1995”, Rouhani stated.  

Asserting that we should review our approaches to the category of development and change them for good, he added:” We have the ability to become the best globally by using all our merits and capabilities and design our joint comprehensive development plan, get together and united to implement the plan”.

President Rouhani said: "As government is to achieve a 5 percent economic growth next year, it still continues to reduce the inflation".

"Whatever we achieved today is in dead, the outcomes of national struggles, coordination among the government branches, so I hope to see a well developed country through national empathy and unity that the supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has always pushed for", he said.

Dr Rouhani expressed hope that its government would serve the brave nation more and with further strength and would fulfill its promises to them.

news id: 92377

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