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President in the meeting of developing investment capacities of Yazd:

People’s trust in gov’t, hope the main capital/Economy’s main responsibility be devolved to people, entrepreneurs/We should do our utmost bolstering domestic production/Corruption should be confronted at any level

President Rouhani called people’s trust in the government and hope as the main capital of the government and said: “The 11th government is determined to do its utmost for the country’s development and prosperity”.

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Mon 07 - March 2016 - 19:46

In this meeting of developing investment capacities of Yazd province which happened late on Monday in Yazd city, Dr Rouhani said: “The main responsibility of economy should be devolved to people and entrepreneurs”.

“The government has always admitted that non-governmental businesses can have better activities in the economy” said Rouhani.

He said: “We should lead the country to a point in terms of level of living, welfare, growth, and development that this great nation and country deserves”.

“We should do our utmost to bolster domestic production and interaction with the world” continued Dr Rouhani.

He also stressed supporting non-governmental businesses and said: “Today the conditions are ripe for the activities of non-governmental businesses and the government considers supporting these businesses as its duty”.

Referring to the lift of sanctions, he added: “Lifting sanctions was very hard work because some countries and people who were exploiting the sanctions to their benefits did not favour lift of sanctions but the government could go up the difficult path by people’s help and the Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

He also mentioned the recent corruption case in the country and said: “People need to know where the $2.5bn has gone. Corruption will not eradicate unless these kinds of questions are answered”.

“The government now announces that it is seeking to restore the place of Iran’s airlines in the region” he added.

President also addressed the issue of employment and said that the country is committed to create jobs. “Although job creation figures are not satisfactory, it shows that the government has been able to maintain peace and stability in the market and decrease inflation” he said.

news id: 92368

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