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President at a press conference at the end of his trip to Yazd:

44 plans worth 9.7 trillion rls credit to execute in Yazd/Grand water transfer plan to be implemented

President Rouhani addressed reporters in a press conference at the end of his provincial trip to Yazd and said that 44 plans worth 9.7 trillion rials of credit will be executed in Yazd during the period of years 1395-96.

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Tue 08 - March 2016 - 08:46

Speaking about the achievements of this trip, Dr Rouhani said: “These plans are in fields of roads, railroad, water supply especially for villages, finalising gas delivery to rural areas, sport, culture, urban development, electricity, tourism, telecommunication, and health”.

He also mentioned that: “These plans were reviewed and discussed by ministers and the governor general of Yazd before the trip”.

The grand plan for water transfer from Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to the Central Plateau will also be implemented, said Rouhani, adding that $400 million have been allocated for the plan.

On establishing a health centre for cancer patients, President Rouhani said: “Today, we approved construction of a health centre exclusively for curing cancer”.

Being asked a question about the unemployment rate in Yazd province, he added: “Job creation is an important issue for the whole country and it will be solved with a prospective economic boost of 8 per cent in the Sixth 5-year Development Plan of the country as stressed by the Supreme Leader”.

“For the realisation of this 8-per cent growth, we need to attract domestic and foreign investment and use domestic and foreign technology” he added.

President Rouhani said: "Sanctions have been great obstacles in the way or the Iran's economic development, so now after the removal of the sanctions it is the duty of all such as private sectors, corporative sectors and all economic activists to execute the national economic policies to reach an 8 percent economic growth".

"Government has supported a lot the science based companies and activists to further add the economic mobility by attracting foreign technology and investments", he stated.

Rouhani referred to the policies of the Resistance Economy which is to generate an endogenous economy and an outward oriented one and said:"Thereby, government tries to improve the endogenous economy through enhancing the different economic indexes by over-producing oil and gas, activating national tourism, developing the agriculture and food industries in order to reduce national economy's dependency to imports and then look outward to further export internal products and services".

Government has set some specific programs for its affiliated bodies in order to meet the goals of resistance Economy and will follow up execution of the programs, as well, he added.

news id: 92387

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