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President at the ceremony of opening 17 projects in Gilan province:

“Village without Unemployed” plan must be implemented in whole country/Nation’s servants in 11th gov’t did great job in health/All gov’t branches, nation must be involved in youth employment

President Rouhani opened 17 projects in Gilan province and said: “The plan of “Village without Unemployed” must be implemented in the entire country”.

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Fri 31 - March 2017 - 11:47

Referring to health projects in the 11th government, he continued: “This fact shows that a great job has done by the people of province and the government of Prudence and Hope and we are happy that the people of this province will receive better and cheaper health services”.

On food security, he said: “The people of Iran are grateful of farmers’ successes throughout Iran and we have taken steps towards self-reliance in agriculture and food products in the last 3.5 years”.

“Information technology can help us calculate and plan precisely for how we deliver products and agriculture to people’s homes,” the President continued.

He also referred to the 11th government’s efforts for increasing the project of fish breeding in cage in north and south of the country and added: “People’s reliance on red meat must decrease and using white meat must be used more because it is very important for people’s health”.

“If people feel responsible and become involved, great things will be done and in this path, all branches of the government and the whole Iranian nation must contribute to youths’ employment and Iran’s glory,” Rouhani said.

He then mentioned new telecommunication operators in Gilan province and continued: “In this field, great steps have been taken in the 11th government and people’s access to 3G and 4G services means a boost in information power, employment and more communication with the world”.

President Rouhani also said: “The government of Prudence and Hope preserves people’s rights and the people support the government with their presence”.

On Anzali Free Zone, he said: “This zone is one of good and active regions of our country, in which we are witnessing good development today”.

“We need to protect Anzali Wetland well, because this wetland is very important for good weather in the region and entertainment facilities for people,” he continued.

Stressing the importance of increasing relations with neighbouring countries, he said: “Maritime interaction is among the cheapest means of transportation in the world and also one of the most important pivots of dialogue in our Russia visit”.

“The aquarium project and also other forms of entertainment for people in Caspian Sea are government’s plans for Anzali Free Zone,” the President added.

He also went on to say: “The government of Prudence and Hope is seeking to turn free zones into a place for increasing employment and interaction, as well as developing tourist attractions”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the issue of transit and moving 20m-tonne goods from India to Russia and said: “A part of this transit must be carried out through the Islamic Republic of Iran, therefore, by connecting Bandar Abbas to Moscow, countries like India, Iran, Russia and other countries will benefit a lot”.

On the latest contract with Russia to buy 6000 carriages, Rouhani said: “1000 carriages have been delivered and the remaining 5000 will be built in Iran, something that creates jobs for our youths and contributes to production”.

news id: 98501

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