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President in a televised interview;

Gov’t supports entrepreneurs/People’s welfare, government’s main aim/Overcoming difficulties depends on people’s high hopes/The main economic, political role belongs to people, gov’t only a to assist

“Today, the world has understood that the Iranian nation follows reason and forbearance, it is no threat to any country and plays an important role in bolstering stability and security in the region,” said President while talking to people through television Tuesday night.

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Tue 02 - February 2016 - 22:16

He said: “Zionists and oppressors of the world had presented a false and dreadful image of Iran to the countries of the region and the world through extensive propaganda in order to advance their Iranophobic policies”.

Referring to the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defence, as well as success in the recent nuclear negotiations, Dr Rouhani also said: “Now a new atmosphere and condition in interaction with the world and all activities in economic, cultural, and social fields has started and I hope we can make the best use of the opportunity”.

Answering a question about the implementation of the JCPOA, he added: “All efforts in the JCPOA were focused on eliminating pressures and breaking a fence that enemies of the Revolution and the nation had put up”.

He added: “During recent years, the enemies could, as they said, make other countries and the international community follow them. Even our friends and neighbours did not want to have bank transactions with us”.

“One of our important aims in JCPOA was people’s more welfare. In JCPOA, we were also seeking the cancellation of resolutions, recognition of nuclear rights, and lift of unjust sanctions” continued President.

He also said that in order to import and export, we need interaction with the world. “Of course, this does not mean that the country’s problems will be solved [merely] by interaction with the world, but one of the factors of social welfare and growth and development is interaction with the world” he added.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the new social atmosphere created because of JCPOA and said: “Of course I believe that the country’s development depends on bolstering people’s hopes”.

He continued: “The Iranian nation have resisted against the enemies by tactfulness during the past years and this resistance, coupled with all branches joining hands, and more importantly, the Supreme Leader’s guidance was helpful to us and contributed to our success”.

On the positive effects of JCPOA in people’s lives, President Rouhani said: “I should note that we eye people’s efforts; in other words, I can say that we do not believe that the government plays the main role in economy and politics and the main role is people’s”.

He added: “The Supreme Leader stressed that affairs should be let for the people to handle. Handling the country is indeed in people’s hands. It is people who choose authorities and it is people who are resisting against the enemies”.

“With the Iranian nation’s support and resistance, God’s attention, following the Supreme Leader’s guidance, and all officials’ efforts, the obstacles were removed,” Dr Rouhani said while referring to the JCPOA implementation.

He also said: “As the Supreme Leader said, %40 of the country’s problems were due to sanctions and the other %60 were not related to sanctions, but rather to the internal issues and everyone should attempt to eliminate them”.

Saying that the world is eager to interact with Iran, Rouhani added: “Iran’s strategic location, stability, sophisticated people, educated youths, and energy resources are amongst the reasons of international entrepreneurs and major corporations’ eagerness to participate in Iran’s market”.

President also talked about his trip to Italy and France and said: “For the first time in the [history] of a president’s trip to European countries, tens of industrialists and private managers were present in all fields, accompanying the public sector”.

On the decline in oil prices, he continued: “Lower oil prices put pressure on us but we should also see the opportunities. We will gradually depart from the false economic addiction which is full dependence on oil, and next year’s budget will depend roughly %25 on oil”.

“We should use the advantages of all countries; for us, relations with Asia is very vital and therefor, during Chinese President’s trip [to Iran] we decided to sign a long-term, 25-year contract” added Rouhani, saying that during Russian President’s trip to Iran very important decisions have been made for regional issues.

On the tensions between Turkey and Russia President Rouhani said: “The tension is indeed very dangerous because both countries are a neighbour of Iran with which Iran keeps good and close relations. The Islamic Republic of Iran will do its utmost to reduce and ease the tension, since it regards it against the benefit of Turkey, Russia and the whole region, as well. Some states regretfully assume that the tension is to their benefit and try to escalate tensions among other states and keep it going on to their own wills”.

Answering a question about how the government is going to manage the old, used vehicles which are a source of pollution in big cities, he said: “Environmental issues have been the main targets of the government from the very beginning of its formation and the first of its cabinet approvals were the ones about Orumiye Lake, because it is determined to solve environmental issues”.

Emphasizing that all should strive hard to solve environmental issues, he referred to some other environmental issues of Iran as the dust and particulate matters coming from neighboring countries and said: “Although old, used cars are one of the reasons for pollution and there must be some modifications in their systems, but we must make some changes in the heating systems of the houses, as well; for the very reason, the government calls on all people to assist government in this regard. We must also make changes and adjustments in some factories’ structures to reduce the pollution from the industrial complexes”.

Also on the government’s programs for holding the upcoming elections which are a symbol of credibility, authority, national pride and massive participation of people in their destiny, he said: “We will certainly turn a golden and brilliant page of the Iranian history book on the February 26, because Iran’s political establishment is experiencing for the first time to simultaneously hold two elections of Majlis and the Elites Council of Leadership, so the elections are very grave for both government and the people”.

Rouhani expressed hope all the electoral bodies of the country would take the elections serious and try to have a massive turnout from people’s side and a well-managed and competitive ones from the officials’ side”.

news id: 91739

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