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President at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Observing all health protocols the only way to defeating COVID-19/ Relevant authorities should be more careful to prevent mutated viruses from entering the country/ We must all work together to prevent the fourth wave of coronavirus outbreak

The President described observing all health protocols as the only way to defeat coronavirus, and at the same time called on the relevant authorities to be more careful and sensitive to prevent the entry of mutated viruses into the country.

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Sat 13 - February 2021 - 11:24

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday at a meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, "Care about the country's entry points, especially from countries with mutated viruses, should be done more carefully and the testing and quarantine steps of passengers should be observed with sensitivity".

The President also called for the early identification of those infected with the mutated virus and said that we should all work together to prevent the fourth outbreak of the disease and not allow the possible outbreak of the disease to endanger the health and livelihood of the people as the New Year approaches.

Referring to the efforts made in the world to develop an effective medicine to treat the disease, Dr Rouhani said, "Despite the exorbitant prices for some of the drugs that are said to be effective in treating this disease, there is still no definitive and effective drug to treat this disease".

The president also referred to the vaccines developed to prevent the disease in the world and added, "As for the vaccines made, determining which vaccine is more effective and whether these vaccines would be effective against new mutations in this the disease is not yet clear ".

Referring to the beginning of vaccination against COVID-19 in Iran on February 9, Dr Rouhani emphasised, "Vaccination in the country will be implemented in accordance with the priority approved by the National Task Force Against Coronavirus".

At the same time, the President stated that the main way for fighting coronavirus until the definitive treatment of this disease is achieved is to fully comply with health protocols, and added, "Despite vaccination, observing health protocols and avoiding unnecessary gatherings and observing physical distancing is a necessity and we must be careful that the new lifestyle we have adopted does not return to its previous state".

Dr Rouhani called the transformation in the status of some cities in the country from orange to red during the last week a declaration of danger for everyone and said, "This means moving towards the fourth wave of coronavirus and therefore in order to have a good Nowruz, we must all join hands to prevent the fourth wave".

In the end, referring to the celebrations in the upcoming festivals and occasions, the President said, "We should all take care that, God forbid, celebrations do not turn into mourning ceremonies".

news id: 119616

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