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President after signing of 4 cooperation documents between Tehran and Jakarta:

Deepening Iran-Indonesia ties beneficial to both nations, region/Stressing banking relations, investment

"Developing and deepening ties between the two friend and Muslim countries is beneficial to both nations and the region," said President Rouhani after signing of 4 cooperation documents between Tehran and Jakarta on Wednesday in Tehran.

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Wed 14 - December 2016 - 13:40

Dr Rouhani added: "Tehran and Jakarta are determined to develop the level of cooperation in all political, economic, cultural and scientific fields".

 "We attach great weight to ties between Iran and Indonesia as two important Islamic countries in West- and East Asia", he continued.

Rouhani continued: "I have no doubt that the two countries' cooperation will benefit both nations and also contribute to security and stability in the region and the Islamic World".

Referring to the development of ties between the two countries after his visit to Indonesia, he said: "Cooperation should gain further momentum in the post-JCPOA era, based on the great opportunities".

There is a good capability for developing economic ties, especially in technical and engineering fields, said Rouhani adding: "Iran is ready to work in Indonesia in fields such as operating power plants, creating dams, and water and wastewater".

"Also, Indonesia is ready to work in Iran in the fields of oil and gas," the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on saying.

He further stressed banking, investment and preferential tariffs and continued: "The two countries' relations in fields of energy are strategic and Iran will meet Indonesia's demands in the fields of energy, including crude oil, liquid gas, petrochemicals and other needs".

"We are also determined to cement ties in scientific and academic fields, especially nanotechnology, biotechnology, aerospace and pharmaceutical sciences," Dr Rouhani added.

He also referred to cultural relations, saying: "In the field of cultural ties, including Islamic education, and with regard to the fact that both countries are following a moderate and merciful Islam and are opposed to any kind of extremism and violence, we also agreed to further deepen ties".

On relations in international fields, he said: "The two countries have close cooperation in Non-Aligned Movement and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and today, we agreed that our cooperation in resolving issues and problems of the Islamic World, including in Yemen, Syria and Myanmar should be developed".

"An Indonesian delegation is scheduled to head for Tehran within two months to follow up all of the agreements made in this visit," he continued.

At the same press conference, President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo appreciated Iranian nation and government's hospitality, saying: "This visit has begun a new chapter in developing relations and cooperation between the two countries".

"At the meeting with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we discussed different issues such as developing bilateral cooperation, especially in economic fields," he added.

He added: "Indonesia has always emphasised peaceful dialogue as the only way for solving issues in the Middle East and other parts of the world and we continue to emphasise peaceful approaches for solving the crises in Myanmar, Yemen, Syria and other parts of the region and the world".

news id: 96809

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