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President in a meeting with Pakistani scholars and elites:

Islam a moderate, moral religion/We should not let deceivers taint Islam under its disguise/Our identity, Islam’s identity against disbelief, hypocrisy/Our religions schools should be schools of unity, integrity

President Rouhani attended a meeting with Pakistani scholars and elites and said: “Islam is a moderate and moral religion and today it needs Muslim’s help and sacrifice more than ever”.

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Sat 26 - March 2016 - 17:23

He added: “Today, some are conducting divisive actions and, worse than that, are killing people and brothers under the disguise of Islam and Jihad and this means that the beneficent Islam needs help”.

“Islam is the religion of brotherhood, kindness, love, and friendship with other people and we should introduce the true face of Islam to the world and do not let some deceivers to taint Islam” continued Rouhani.

He continued: “Terrorists who are killing Muslims under the disguise of Islam, are not only killing people and Muslims, but also killing spirituality, truth and the reality of Islam”.

Describing Islam as a moderate and moral religion, Dr Rouhani continued: “Our identity is not Shia against Sunni; rather, our identity is Islam’s identity against disbelief and hypocrisy and we should be proud of this Islamic identity”.

“Different branches are different paths to the same truth” he added, continuing: “We should acknowledge other branches and this is where unity in the Muslim world starts”.

Further emphasising unity and integrity, President Rouhani said: “We should be united and powerful against global disbelief and hypocrisy and our first force is cultural force”.

“We should preach Islamic culture and Quran in our schools and our religions schools should be schools of unity and integrity” he added.

Dr Rouhani finished his speech with the motto of “Long live Iran and long live Pakistan” which was followed by the audiences’ applaud.

news id: 92690

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