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Ayatollah Raisi speaking to residents of Molla Ali village located in the border region of Iran and Afghanistan:

Iran’s borders with neighbours must be borders of economy, interaction, exchange so that it leads to development, security, better living conditions for people of the border areas

On Friday on the second day of his visit to Sistan and Baluchestan province, the president made an unannounced visit to Molla Ali village in the border region of Iran and Afghanistan immediately after arriving in Zabul, and met with the residents of this remote village.

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Fri 03 - September 2021 - 14:29

In this cordial meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi listened closely to the demands and problems of the people of this village and spoke to them.
The president also visited the wells in Zabul and the border areas of the province through air.
He said, “Your presence in this region contributes to security in the region”.
"Today, although we are facing a decrease in rainfall and water shortages, but you people have shown that with hard work and creativity, you can create opportunities from all threats," the president said.
Dr Raisi also said, "Before traveling to Sistan and Baluchestan, we had a meeting with the relevant officials and we came to the conclusion that there are several solutions to solve the problem of shortage of water in the area”.
He added, "In this trip, we follow the issue of water as a central issue and we have decided to use the wells as an available capacity and increase the level of productivity with the existing solutions".
Ayatollah Raisi stated, “The second solution is to develop the use of deep water resources that has started in this region and can be used more widely, and this is a lasting solution to use this God-given possibility that God Almighty has placed in this region”.
The President noted, "These solutions are based on the use of capacities and facilities that exist in the region. There are some capacities that are not in the area, but it is possible to use them, and of course it takes some time. It is possible to transport water to the region through the Oman Sea by piping and digging canals, which takes more time to implement but is achievable and can be considered as a long-term project underway”.
Dr Raisi further mentioned the border markets as another economic capacity of the region and said, “The responsible agencies should take measures to create and prosper these markets. The governor general, the responsible agencies and the customs should establish and announce the necessary rules and regulations at the border point so that the border exchanges between the border residents of Iran and Afghanistan flourishes”.
The President added, "Iran's borders with its neighbours should be borders of economy, interaction and exchange in order to lead to the development of border areas, improving security and improving the livelihood and welfare of border residents".
Ayatollah Raisi described activating and boosting the rural economy as one of the central programmes of the 13th government and said, "The rural economy is a large production factory whose products are used by all people”.
The President stated, “The capable girls and boys of this land are the best assets for the development of the country”.
The President said, "With your efforts and with God's help, we will overcome all the problems and limitations of the region, whether natural problems or problems that have arisen as a result of historical deprivations in this region".


news id: 130945

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