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Ayatollah Raisi at the meeting of the heads of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Provisions should be made for the fair distribution of vaccines in provinces/ Information about the virus, COVID-19 should be disciplined, organised

Speaking in a meeting of the heads of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi stressed the need to speed up the supply of vaccines through imports and domestic production, referring to the reports of vaccine shortages in some provinces, saying, "One of the essential issues in the vaccination process is the fair distribution of the vaccine based on the priorities that need to be made so that the process and speed of the vaccine is not disrupted".

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Thu 02 - September 2021 - 14:29

Dr Raisi stated that another important point for the success of the process of combating the outbreak of coronavirus is effective information and persuasion of public opinion in order to involve the maximum number of people in the process of combating the spread of the virus and the spread of the disease by observing health protocols.

He said, "The Information Committee should cooperate with the national media and other media to use all methods and useful tools to persuade people to improve the observance of health protocols among different sections of society to the highest possible level".

The President mentioned discipline in information as another very important point in the effectiveness of this process and specified, "Information about various aspects of the disease and related issues should be organised with the aim of creating maximum hope and avoiding creating fear and anxiety in the people".

Ayatollah Raisi continued, "All efforts to manage coronavirus, from the National Task Force Against Coronavirus to the medical staff and other departments, are to alleviate anxiety and create hope in people".

Ayatollah Raisi emphasised, "People should complement the government's efforts to speed up the vaccination process by observing health protocols more precisely, so that prosperity and vitality can return to the business as soon as possible".

Dr Raisi welcomed the establishment of the "Intelligent Disease Control System" and stressed the need to expedite its completion.

The President also thanked the staff of the "Martyr Soleimani Scheme", especially the Basij forces, for the successful implementation of this screening plan, and called for the continuation of its implementation, referring to the useful achievements.

He added, "In addition to the resources needed to provide vaccines, providing resources to pay the overdue claims of the medical staff who are struggling on the front line of the fight against corona, is high on the government's agenda".

news id: 130885

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