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Ayatollah Raisi in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Khuzestan Province:

Solving Khuzestan's issues requires a jihadist spirit/ Defining a short-term plan, anticipating immediate measures to solve issues a must/ We back any plan aimed at creating employment in Khuzestan

Referring to the reports provided by the managers about the problems of Khuzestan province and the measures taken to solve these problems, the President said, "Solving the problems of Khuzestan requires a jihadist spirit, and additional work must be done in the province."

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Fri 27 - August 2021 - 21:51

Speaking on Friday night in the meeting of the Administrative Council of Khuzestan province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi described defining a short-term plan to solve problems necessary and urgent and said, "Provincial managers should predict what actions we should take to solve problems as soon as possible".

Ayatollah Raisi stressed that we must work around the clock to compensate for the backwardness, emphasising, "This can be done with a spirit of jihad and mobilisation, and we must act like the era of Holy Defence to remove obstacles and problems".

The President went on to say that solving the problems of the province requires that the managers be located in the province and that work is not done with flight managers.

Ayatollah Raisi said, "Supervision, especially internal supervision with the eyes of the managers of the province should always be on the agenda".

The President also mentioned the creation of employment and solving the problem of unemployment in Khuzestan province as among the important issues on the government's agenda and said, "We support any plan aimed at creating employment in the province".

Referring to the great potential of Khuzestan province in the field of agriculture, the President said, "This province plays a leading role in agriculture in many sectors, and special attention should be paid to the province's agriculture, and this sector is one of the important areas for creating employment".

Dr Raisi said, "The empty capacities that exist in the industries of the province are very important for creating employment and these capacities should be activated".

Referring to the need to pay attention to downstream petrochemical industries in order to increase employment, he said, "Downstream petrochemical industries have both high added value and capacity to increase employment and we should try not to sell raw materials in the petrochemical field and this is one of the necessities that should be strengthened in Khuzestan province".

Regarding the revitalisation of 550,000 hectares of land in the province, which was emphasised by the Supreme Leader, the President said, "No action has been taken yet regarding a significant part of this land, and I ask the First Vice President to work with the relevant officials in this regard".

Referring to the water problem of Khuzestan province, Dr Raisi stated, "I consider the main problem of water to be its optimal management and it must be followed carefully. In this regard, the Supreme Council of Water can solve the problem of many areas".

The president added, "The agricultural union is one of the arms of the government. They must be consulted in decision-making, and they themselves can pursue many things".

Referring to the water supply and sewerage project in Khuzestan province in general and in Ahwaz in particular, he said, "This is one of our priority issues that must be pursued quickly".

Emphasising the need to speed up the vaccination process, Dr Raisi said, "This is a very serious issue. The import and production of vaccines must be done quickly and accurately, and the channels that want to import vaccines must be fully trusted".

Ayatollah Raisi said, "I emphasise to the ministers and managers of the province that the issues of Khuzestan are not issues that can be delayed. No delay is allowed in this case and it is necessary for managers to work seriously with double motivation".

The President pointed out, "The resolutions that we had in the meeting will be followed up by the Presidential Office, everyone should follow carefully so that the effects of this trip and this meeting appear quickly in the lives of the people of the province and people feel that something has happened".

Ayatollah Raisi emphasised, "The operation and implementation of promises and approvals in our government is an important issue that we are determined to report to the people on the actions taken".


news id: 130789

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