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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

The cost of vaccine a kind of investment/ Reiterating transparency in vaccination process to prevent possible abuse/ Compliance with protocols should be above 90%

The meeting of the chairmen of the specialised committees of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus was held on Wednesday afternoon with the President as the chair.

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Wed 21 - April 2021 - 23:40

At the meeting, it was emphasised, "All agencies, offices, businesses and jobs whose implementation of health protocols is below 90% are required to quickly increase the percentage of compliance to above 90% by applying smart restrictions and full implementation of health protocols".

After the reports from different committees, the President emphasised, "Despite the many problems that the British mutated virus has created for the country, the valuable experiences of the last 14 months can be promising for the rapid control of this disease, and the change of 30 cities from red to orange status shows the complete and accurate observance of health protocols".

Dr Rouhani also emphasised that any cost for the vaccine is in fact an investment for the country and the health of the society, and said, "Expenditure for vaccine is not a donation but a kind of investment, so I have always emphasised that the Central Bank must prioritise the provision of foreign currency for vaccines".

Referring to some news about the ambiguities and limited abuses of vaccines by some people, the President said, "I have been emphasising transparency in the field of vaccination from the beginning, and if the necessary and accurate attention was paid in this field, we would not witness such things today".

"Therefore, transparency in vaccination operations based on the national document approved by the National Task Force Against Coronavirus is still emphasised," he said.

news id: 120889

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