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Dr Rouhani in a meeting with benefactors and NGOs:

Without people's active presence, country's issues cannot be resolved/ This gov't attempted to empower NGOs, benefactors/ People's presence changes all equations

The President said that without the active presence of the people, the country's problems will not be resolved, adding, "It is impossible for the government to solve all the problems, untie the knots and provide suitable conditions alone without the presence of the people".

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Mon 19 - April 2021 - 23:46

Speaking on Monday afternoon in a meeting with a group of benefactors and activists of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) through video conferencing, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "If we want to protect our country and system, and direct the people on the path to prosperity and excellence, it will not be possible without each other's help".

Pointing out that political parties and organisations also have responsibilities and missions in the direction of awareness and democracy in society, he said, "Political issues are automatically accompanied by competition and everyone works to seize power, but this is different in benefactors and NGOs, and they work with each other".

The President described the coordination between benefactors and NGOs as a necessary and valuable step, and added, "It is necessary for benefactors and NGOs to be integrated in a system so that they are aware of each other's activities and coordinate each other's activities" .

Stating that the eleventh and twelfth governments have made efforts to empower NGOs, Dr Rouhani added, "Statistics show that some achievements have been made in this regard".

The President added, "Today, thanks to the support provided by the government, the number of NGOs has increased from 4,300 to 9,800".

Comparing the activities of NGOs with working in the government, Dr Rouhani said, "Working in the government is based on regulations, salaries and working hours and has its own time and conditions, but working in NGOs and charities is mainly voluntary and based on cheerfulness and empathy".

The President said, "By raising awareness and empowering the society, many social harms that occur due to ignorance will be prevented".

Referring to the problems caused by coronavirus and the resulting economic pressures in society, the President said, "We have been in a full-blown economic war for about three and a half years and no country has faced such a situation".

"This is while we were able to withstand all pressures until the time all countries and even the designer of maximum pressure on the Iranian nation acknowledge the failure of their design," said Rouhani.

Referring to the outbreak of the mutated virus and the formation of the fourth wave of the disease in the country, the President said, "Today we are facing a mutated and transformed virus that has created the fourth wave of the disease, which is incomparable with previous waves".

"If we could not provide the necessary facilities for our hospitals and the knowledge-based companies did not produce the necessary equipment and drugs, we would undoubtedly face many problems," he continued.

Saying that the presence of the people changes all equations, the President said, "The people of Iran, who have shown their active presence and participation in helping each other in events such as floods and earthquakes, are taking steps in the path of faithful help in controlling coronavirus as well".

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani pointed out that the environment also needs the help of non-governmental organisations, and said, "Due to the drought in Iran's climate, we need to protect water resources and the problems in the east of the country are mainly due to water shortage".

news id: 120822

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