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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of national knowledge-based projects:

Today, we are witnessing a great transformation in the field of vaccine production in the country/ Trump surpassed all executioners of history by imposing unjust, anti-human sanctions

The President called the inauguration of knowledge-based and technological projects in the country very proud and said, "We are witnessing a great transformation in the vaccine production sector in the country today and that we are becoming self-sufficient step by step in science and technology, especially health care".

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Thu 08 - April 2021 - 19:20

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of national knowledge-based and innovative projects, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the cruel, illegal sanctions and the three-year US economic war against the Iranian nation, and said, "It is common for the executioners of history to exclude people's food and medicine from illegal actions and sanctions, but Trump surpassed of all the executioners of history, and there was no exception in the economic war against the Iranian nation".

Stating that the rebellious, lawless administration of Trump did not pay any attention and even did not provide any facilities even in the field of buying vaccines, saying, "Today, the new US administration claims that Trump made a mistake, explicitly saying that the maximum pressure against the Iranian nation has failed and the whole world acknowledges this".

Assimilating Trump's actions against the Iranian people to a war in which he did not hesitate to use chemical, microbial and nuclear weapons, even against residential areas, the President said, "Although the American people also suffered severely from the outbreak of coronavirus, Trump refused to make any exceptions in the war with the Iranian nation, even during the outbreak of the dangerous pandemic".

Dr Rouhani stated, "Although the Iranian people were under a lot of pressure and suffering as a result of this full-scale war and inclusive sanctions, today the Iranian nation has resisted in a war with a superpower like the United States and, as friends and enemies admit, has achieved a definite victory".

In another part of his speech, the President described the achievements proud and added, "Today, we may be among the first in some fields, including the production of vaccines in West Asia. Although we used to import millions of doses of influenza vaccine each year, we are proud to be able to use the domestic flu vaccine this year alongside the domestic COVID vaccine".

Dr Rouhani criticised the deception and distortion operations revolving around the false accusation that the government is not taking action to purchase vaccines, saying, "These operations are being managed by the anti-Iranian media".

Stating that we were one of the first countries to buy the vaccine and all the necessary instructions were given to the officials from the very first days of the vaccine production, he said, "But the US sanctions and obstructions have prevented us from receiving vaccines that we have paid for".

Dr Rouhani also referred to other inaugurations in the field of industry today and said, "Today's scientific and technological achievements, including the lightweight three-cylinder engine with Euro 6 standard consumption, as well as the production of subway cars, are among our needs today".

Referring to the inauguration of the Sharif University of Technology Centre, the President said, "Universities should have centres alongside the learning atmosphere to turn what students have learned into technology and production as an accelerator of the transformation of science into technology".


news id: 120569

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