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President at the Arbor Day and Natural Resources Week celebration:

Preservation, increasing country's trees, pastures mean food and national security/ Country's wood needs must be met through the right path of wood farming/ Promoting wood farming an achievement of Government of Prudence and Hope

On Thursday, a day before the National Arbor Day and Natural Resources Week, the President planted an oak sapling in the National Botanical Garden of Iran.

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Thu 04 - March 2021 - 13:37

After planting the sapling, Dr Hassan Rouhani delivered a speech, emphasising that preserving and increasing the country's trees and pastures means food and national security, adding, "The goal of Arbor Day and Natural Resources Week is to inform the society, especially the young generation about the importance of trees and pastures, and is very important to protect water and soil and have healthy breathing air".

Pointing out that the National Arbor Day is a symbolic day and it does not mean we have to plant a tree in just one day, Dr Rouhani continued, "Trees are the source of life and vitality of human life and creates beauty for cities and villages".

The President also referred to the services and actions of previous governments in the field of environmental protection and tree planting in the country and emphasised, "In the Government of Prudence and Hope, very valuable measures were taken in the field of water and soil protection and in the field of forestry, we have reached from 770,000 hectares to 950,000, this important trend should continue".

Dr Rouhani described wood farming as one of the most important ways to prevent the destruction of forests and gardens in the country, adding, "The country's wood needs must be met through the right path of wood farming, which helps to generate income, employment, wealth and clean air".

The President described the promotion of wood farming as one of the achievements of the Government of Prudence and Hope and called on the relevant officials to take the necessary efforts and measures to promote this industry. He also praised the rangers as front-line soldiers protecting the forests.

Dr Rouhani continued by emphasising the importance of soil and water and also the need for more efforts to prevent soil erosion, adding, "Soil and water are very valuable and irreplaceable".

The President said that tree planting has always been encouraged, emphasised and encouraged in Islam, adding, "The Prophet of Islam says that if someone feels that the Day of Judgment is near and he is busy planting a tree, he should plant that tree first".

news id: 119984

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