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President at the opening ceremony of Ghadeer Freeway:

Inaugurating 221km of freeways in one year a success in the year of 'Surge in Production'/ It is necessary to hand over affairs to private sector, people/ During the government's term, 1000km of freeways have been built in the country

Appreciating those involved in the construction of the Ghadeer Freeway, the President emphasised that the opening of 221 km of freeways during one year during the economic war imposed by the enemies is a success in the year of Surge in Production.

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Thu 25 - February 2021 - 12:58

Speaking on Thursday at the opening ceremony of Ghadeer Freeway, President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Imam Ali (AS) to all Shiites in the world, and said, "Under the guidance of the Supreme Leader, the people recorded such a movement in the year of Surge in Production that today everyone admits the failure of the policy of maximum pressure".

The President said that 1,000 kilometers of freeway has been built in the country during the government of Prudence and Hope, saying, "Since after the Revolution until the 11th government, 1,710 km of freeways had been added to the total number of freeways in the country, but during the eight years of the government's activity, another 1,000 km have been added to these figures, which is very valuable".

Referring to the important role of Ghadeer Freeway in creating welfare, comfort, health and security for the people of our country, Dr Rouhani added, "We are very happy that this freeway has been progressed and completed according to the schedule".

Expressing satisfaction with the operation of the Ghadeer freeway, the President added: , "As freeways and main roads expand, traffic will become lighter, fuel consumption will decrease, and consequently pollutants will decrease, and passenger and freight traffic time will also decrease".

Stating that it is necessary to hand over the affairs to the private sector and the people, Dr Rouhani said, "Another important event that has happened in the government of Prudence and Hope is that before this government, projects such as the construction of freeways were implemented with government's focus and the private sector also had a small share in the construction of these projects, but in this government, this trend has been reversed and today it is the private and non-governmental sector that is the main executor of such projects".

The President said that we have several other important projects under construction that would be desirable if they were put into operation before the end of this government, noting, "We will do our best to bring the Chabahar-Zahedan railway project to the end in this government".

Dr Rouhani continued, "The government will also try to make a transformation in the field of water supply by constructing several dams and creating a downstream water supply network in the west of the country by constructing and completing a water supply network to the east of the country from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to the east to give the country a new life".

The President said, "Services provided in the field of water supply and construction of railways is one of the honors of the eleventh and twelfth governments and the government will work until the last day of its term of service to complete projects under construction in these areas".

news id: 119876

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