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President at the meeting of Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Enemy’s goals to create famine in supply of essentials, chaos in the country completely failed/ Gov’t to continue its support package policies

At the 204th meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, a report on the "supply and distribution of basic and essential goods of the people in the last months of year 1399 and 1400 plan" was presented.

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Tue 16 - February 2021 - 15:14

Emphasising the programs and components presented in the report, the President said, "Great success and victory in neutralising the plots of the enemy, which was based on creating famine and unbearable pressure and shortage in providing essential goods and thus creating chaos, was achieved in the country and the enemy's plot was completely unsuccessful and failed”.

Regarding the plan for the supply of basic goods next year, the President said, "The government will continue its support package measures and policies, and wherever the rights of the people are concerned, it will defend people's livelihood and the supply of basic goods with the preferred currency”.

Dr Rouhani added, "The country's trade policies from supply to transportation and distribution should be managed in full coordination and Deputy Minister of Industry will follow this mission in coordination with all relevant agencies and this cycle and chain should be controlled effectively and do not allow price fluctuations to put more pressure on livelihoods and the household economy”.

The President stressed, "People and those active in the market should not feel abandoned and disorganised in this area. The comprehensive trade system must also be used effectively at this stage in order to promote transparency, and it is essential that all organs quickly inform their measures taken through this system”.

The President stated, "By strengthening this intelligent and transparent system, all relevant agencies should act in a coordinated and accurate manner in the field of managing commodity price fluctuations, especially when we are approaching the new year."

news id: 119666

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