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President at the meeting of Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Gov’t considers protecting people's livelihood as its first duty until last day in office/ Supplying people’s basic goods at preferential rates definite policy until the end/ Budget bill’s amendment based on country’s current conditions, requirements

Speaking on Sunday in the 233rd meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “The budget bill’s amendment is prepared based on country’s current conditions and requirements, and therefore, any politicisation can harm the development process of the country and the rights of the people.”

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Sun 14 - February 2021 - 15:28

At the beginning of the meeting, the amendments to the budget bill for the year 1400 for submission to the Islamic Consultative Assembly were discussed.

The President stressed the need to approve the budget bill as soon as possible and said, "We should not let an important issue such as the country's budget get involved in fruitless conflicts and debates and send a message of stability and growth to the economy by coordination and consensus".

Stating that the necessity of the current economic situation of the country and at the same time the expectations of the people from the government, is to create calm and set the right path for the future of the economy, Dr Rouhani said, "We must all pay attention that any delay in approving the country's budget can affect the economy as a whole, and more importantly, harm people's livelihoods”.

President said, "Seeing the defeat of the enemy in the imposed economic war nearing the anniversary of the victory of the nation, the society is waiting to see the results of their resistance”.

Stating that non-economic shocks and tensions have affected the economy, Dr Rouhani said, "It is worthwhile for all officials to be extremely careful in their actions and statements so that conditions do not go against the general expectations, which can have negative effects in society”.

The President emphasised, "The government considers protection of people's livelihood as its first duty until the last day of its service, and the supply of basic goods at preferential rates will be the definitive policy of the government until the end”.

news id: 119645

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