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President at the inauguration of projects of Ministries of Energy and Sports and Youth Affairs:

Despite being involved in enemies’ economic war, gov’t didn’t behind/ Large number of inaugurations in country can transform economy/ In this gov’t, sport spaces surged by 50%

Appreciating all those who work for the development of the country, the President stated, "Despite being involved in the economic war of the enemies, the government of Prudence and Hope did not fall behind and carried out all development plans, including vaccination according to the plans with the help of God and the efforts, self-sacrifice and devotion of the people”.

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Tue 09 - February 2021 - 13:13

Speaking on Tuesday at the inauguration of projects of Ministries of Energy and Sports and Youth Affairs, the President said, "The beginning of COVID-19 vaccination in the country was one of the main demands and concerns of the people”.

“The lives and health of the people are the most important issue for us, and all the officials of the country are ready to take the lead wherever there is a danger,” said Rouhani.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also added, “With today's action regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, I do not know what excuse the expatriates will have for their propaganda against us”.

He continued, "In the difficult conditions of the economic war, we will swim with our hands tied in fighting coronavirus, but we will not fall behind in the world”.

Dr Rouhani added, "It is an honour that 50 dams have been put into operation in the government of Prudence and Hope until today while we are under sanctions”.

He also went on to state, "Sanctions prevented water, meaning that sanctions obstructed construction of more dams, and if there were no sanctions, the number of dams built in the country would reach 100”.

“Inauguration of national projects under tough sanctions and the outbreak of coronavirus will increase national and social vitality,” he said, stating thatIn the field of water and electricity, great, valuable work has been done in this government.

Dr Hassan Rouhani continued stating, "Sport leads to the health of the soul and the body, social vitality and national pride”.

The President referred to the increase of sports facilities in the country from 40,000 to 61,000 and emphasised, "This is a great transformation in the field of sports in the country and shows that in this government, 50% has been added to the country's sports facilities".

news id: 119533

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