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President at the official inauguration ceremony of 5 major projects of the Ministry of Industry:

ICJ's verdict rejecting US objection a "beautiful and very brilliant victory" of the Iranian nation against a superpower/ We solved east's water problem by transferring it from Persian Gulf/ Iran turned from steel importer into 10th largest producer of steel

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran described the ruling of the International Court of Justice in rejecting the US objection that this court has no jurisdiction to hear Tehran's complaint against Washington in the case of violation of the friendship treaty, a "beautiful and very brilliant victory" of the Iranian nation against a superpower.

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Thu 04 - February 2021 - 23:12

Speaking on Thursday at the official opening ceremony of 5 major projects of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in Zanjan province, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Although the United States had mobilised thousands of experts and specialists to succeed in this political war, the Iranian nation relied on its lawyers and diplomats in this case, and it became clear that the great nation of Iran, with the support of its educated people, could achieve remarkable successes and victories in all matters, including diplomacy, law and technology".

Speaking about Iran's case against the United States in The Hague for imposing harsh sanctions, the President said, "The Hague ruled on an interim injunction under which the United States should immediately lift all sanctions on humanitarian affairs, and of course the United States did not act and claimed that this court has no jurisdiction at all over the Iran's complaint, which was rejected yesterday".

He added, "The late Dr Mossadegh once went to court in The Hague and remained in our history. In this government, we went to the international court several times and, thank God, we have always won, although the main substantive dispute in this case still remains for the future".

Referring to the operation of 5 large projects of the Ministry of Industry with 7 trillion tomans of investment and sustainable employment for 1,768 people, Dr Rouhani said, "While the enemies wanted to draw dark days for Iran and narrow the breathing space, the opening of these projects is a response to them".

The President said, "Unfortunately, the level of development of the eastern and western regions of the country is proportional due to the imbalance in water resources in these two regions. To create this balance, we solved the water problem in the east by transferring it from the Persian Gulf".

Emphasising that the eastern regions of the country are very important for us in terms of national security, the President said, "Great work was done in the government and the water was transferred from the southern seas to Kerman and Sirjan, and in the next stages will also arrive to Khorasan Razavi and Yazd and Isfahan, which will be a good path for future governments".

Pointing out that more than 5 billion tonnes of iron ore reserves have been identified in the country, the President said, "Iran, which was once an importer of steel, today has become the tenth largest producer of steel and the production of this strategic product from 15 million tonnes in 2013 to 26 million tonnes in 2018 and steel production capacity has reached 38 million tonnes".

Dr Rouhani continued, "Today we have very significant capacities in the mining, copper, aluminium and steel industries and we have made very good progress, and the important point is that a significant part of these advancements occurred in the full-scale economic war in 2018 and 2019".

The President said, "The meaning of these great progress, despite the heavy sanctions, is that against the will of the ill-wishers and enemies of the Iranian nation, the sanctions never stopped the Iranian nation".

Dr Rouhani added, "If health protocols allowed people to take to the streets to celebrate the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution this year, everyone would see with what enthusiasm people took to the streets and to whom they sent their curses".

The President said, "Another positive point of the projects that were inaugurated today was the high level of private sector participation in the implementation of these projects, which is a good thing".

news id: 119469

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