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President at Women's Day celebration:

Our school, ideology, belief do not give superiority to men; superior is in piety, science, work, effort, jihad/ Women are equal to men in determining country's future/ Today, 25% of middle, top management held by women

Stating that our school, ideology and belief do not give a superior status to men and superiority is in piety, science, work and effort and jihad, the President stressed that the Government of Prudence and Hope makes every effort to further promote the status of women in society, so that today 25% of middle and top management positions are in the hands of women.

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Tue 02 - February 2021 - 21:04

Speaking on Tuesday evening, Dr Hassan Rouhani congratulated the birthday of the beloved daughter of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Mother's Day, saying, "Women are the source of blessings in society and undoubtedly God has created human society in such a way that women and men complement each other".

Emphasising that "women played an important role in the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the revolution also played an important role in the activities and path of women towards excellence," the President said, "Right should be taken and women restored their rights in the Islamic Revolution".

"Today, women are the same as men in determining the future of our country and society, and no doubt in any election, if women decide and take the stage, their choice will win," said Rouhani.

رئیس جمهور با یادآوری اینکه یکی از قول‌ها به مردم از آغاز این بود که نسبت به احقاق حقوق خانم‌ها تلاش خواهیم کرد، گفت: از 7 سال و نیم پیش تا حالا وقتی مقایسه می‌کنید می‌بینیم که قبل از این دولت در بخش اداره کشور در استان‌ها، بخش‌ها، فرمانداری‌ها و وزارتخانه‌ها حضور زنان خیلی کم و محدود بود. در این دولت سهم زنان از مدیریت‌های میانی و عالی از 5 درصد به 25 درصد رسیده است.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the effective and prominent presence of women in various fields of defence of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defence, adding, "In our religious beliefs, God explicitly states in the Quran that all those who work for society and for God, regardless of whether they are women or men, have equal rewards".

The President stated, "In our logic, God has created human society in such a way that man is complementary to woman and woman is complementary to man. We have a school of thought, logic, and belief that does not place men as superior in gender".

Referring to the significant increase in the social and political role of women after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Dr Rouhani stated, "After the Islamic Revolution, the ground was fully prepared for women to come to stage and today we see how much effective the role of women is in the society in the field of education, health and treatment, universities and science, technology, jobs, cyberspace and e-government and other areas".

Reminding that one of the promises to the people from the beginning was that we will work hard for the realisation of women's rights, the President said, "From 7 and a half years ago until now, we see that before this government, the presence of women was very little and limited in the administration of the country in the provinces and ministries. In this government, the share of women in middle and top management has increased from 5% to 25%".

Dr Rouhani emphasised the important role of women in family management and raising children, saying, "It is the mothers who have the main task of education in the family. No one says father tongue, but mother tongue, because mothers are the ones who teach children to speak".

The president added, "It is the mothers who form the foundations of their children's personality. It is the mothers who are responsible for strengthening the family as an important and special issue. Family strength is one of the highest values ​​and the greatest means of security of society. A family that is strong and has real security conveys real peace to family members, including the father".

Dr Rouhani stated that about two weeks later, one year have passed since the first cases of coronavirus were identified in the country, adding, "In fighting the outbreak of coronavirus, it was women who had the main role either in health centres or in families".

The President also praised all the mothers of the society, especially the mothers of the martyrs, as well as the mothers who are the heads of the households, who have more difficult and heavy responsibilities today.

news id: 119411

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