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President at the inauguration ceremony of national projects of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad:

During this gov't term, 521k hectares of agricultural land restored, equipped/ Increasing protection of forests, pastures, preventing desertification necessary/ Congratulations on Islamic Revolution's victory anniversary

Appreciating the efforts of all Iranian farmers in the direction of food self-sufficiency, the President stated that 521,000 hectares of agricultural land have been restored and equipped during the government's term of office.

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Thu 28 - January 2021 - 19:42

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of the national projects of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Dr Hassan Rouhani called for more protection of forests, pastures and combating desertification and said, "One of the ways to fight corruption is cadastre, and the government is determined to advance this plan".

Congratulating the Iranian nation on the arrival of the 10-day Fajr celebration marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the President said, "We salute all the families who sacrificed their loved ones during the Islamic Movement and Revolution, as well as in the last three years for their patience and resistance in the unprecedented economic war".

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "During these three years, of course, we were always worried and I testify to God, there was not a night that I went to bed with peace of mind".

Referring to people's suffering over the price of goods, the president said, "They put us under sanctions for three years and an unprecedented fierce war, froze our financial resources in the world and did not allow us to use it, did not allow our oil and gas condensates to be exported and they created problems in other exports as well, but despite this, the nation stood firm".

Dr Rouhani added, "Despite all the difficulties, we had about $30 billion in imports and more than $28 billion in non-oil exports this year. Of course, this figure should have been higher, but due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the problems we had in March, April and May, our exports almost stopped and I hope we can make up for it in the last two months of the year".

Emphasising that in spite of all the problems, the Iranian nation did not succumb to sanctions, pressure, conspiracy or the virus, the President said, "The Iranian nation stood up and resisted, was united, joined hands and we hope that this unity and solidarity will remain so that we can achieve our lofty goals".

Referring to the importance of the projects that were inaugurated today, Dr Rouhani said, "Food security is very important for us and during the outbreak of coronavirus, we once again felt the importance of food security better. There were countries that did not export food due to fear of coronavirus. If we were not self-sufficient in wheat, and if our conditions in rice, sugar and oil were not different from the past, people would suffer more this year".

The President stated, "In the last seven years, great work been done in the agricultural sector. Of course, the principle of agricultural work is the responsibility of farmers and the people, but in large investments, the government must intervene because people cannot afford it".

Referring to the Supreme Leader's agreement to withdraw $8 billion from the National Development Fund for water and soil projects in the west and northwest of the country, Dr Rouhani said, "Large agricultural and irrigation projects in the west and northwest of the country along with numerous dams and canals are because of the $8 billion which made a big difference".

Referring to the importance of cadastre, Dr Rouhani emphasised, "Today, there is a readiness to put all natural resource lands under this cadastre. One of the ways to fight corruption is cadastre, and the government is determined to advance this plan".

Referring to the high added value and importance of wood cultivation, the President said, "Wood cultivation has a good income and can be effective for the climate and eliminates the need for the country in this regard".

Dr Rouhani described it necessary to deal with desertification and, referring to the problem of dust in Khuzestan, he said, "We must work for the good, patient and high-spirited people of the province to reduce dust, and various projects are underway in this regard".

Appreciating the efforts of the farmers, the President emphasised, "The Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, the governor generals and the whole government are supportive of the farmers and I hope we can one day make the country completely independent and self-sufficient in food products and even the export of materials".

news id: 119310

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