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President at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Intensification of supervision key to prevent a new wave in country/ Iranian nation proud to reduce death toll/ A new wave means restrictions, closure of businesses/ We must all prevent a new wave of disease in the country/ 3 domestic vaccines, Barekat, Razi and Pasteur to be provided early next year

The President called the reduction of death cases due to people’s efforts and cooperation in observing health protocols, and a record of pride for the Iranian nation and government in the process of combatting COVID-19, and at the same time, stressed the need to intensify monitoring to prevent a new wave from happening in the country.

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Sat 23 - January 2021 - 12:24

Speaking on Saturday at a meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "A new wave of coronavirus in the country means the closure of some businesses, creating new problems in society and disrupting services to the people. Therefore, we should intensify supervision and make a public effort, so that the country does not face a new wave of this disease”.

Emphasising that the double-digit death toll of our loved ones is not a small number and the declining trend of these statistics should continue, the President said, "In a number of provinces, the declining trend of patients and deaths has stopped and in some cases we see an increase in patients, especially in young people and teenagers, which is a cause for concern, and everyone must follow the health instructions carefully”.

The President said that about a year has passed since coronavirus entered the country and during this time we faced many difficulties and problems, adding, "We must continue to follow the health protocols and continue care. This contagious virus has caused a pandemic around the world, claiming lives of more than 2.1 million people, and it is not clear how long the death toll will continue, so we must continue to be careful”.

Dr Rouhani described the achievements of the fight against coronavirus in our country as a source of pride for the Iranian nation and government and said, "In the past year, the medical staff, the Basij, NGOs and other agencies have stood together in the fight against coronavirus. In the last one or two weeks, the number of deaths in our country has decreased. Therefore, I thank all those who were involved in this heavy and great work”.

"Although we are seeing better conditions than in the past, care must be taken to continue the process of reducing disease and reducing death toll," he said.

Dr Rouhani added, "Due to the reduction of death toll, the path of ignoring in family and social behaviours should not happen because there is still the concern that we will see the rising trend of this disease again and if we are not careful, we may face the mutated virus".

"At least in the next five to six months, we must carefully follow the health protocols so that the vaccination process can take place," the president said.

The President continued, "If the slightest negligence is done for a few days, we will see another wave happening in the country”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "In order for the new virus not to enter the country from Europe and Africa, it is necessary to carefully control the airports and all the entry points of the country so that the new virus does not enter the country”.

Dr Rouhani also stated that good measures have been taken in the field of domestic and foreign vaccines, and said, "In the field of domestic vaccines, early next year we will have three vaccines Barekat, Razi and Pasteur, and in the field of foreign vaccines by the end of this year, except the COVAX, we are trying to provide from other sources, and all efforts are being made to vaccinate the country this month”.


news id: 119235

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