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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Message of our country's policy towards capital attraction should be unified, backing investment/ Encouraging attraction of capital a key step in sustainable development

Referring to the political and social factors in investment security, the President said, "The message that is reflected from the country's policies to the investor should be a single message and support for investment."

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Tue 05 - January 2021 - 14:39

Speaking on Tuesday in the one hundred and ninety-fourth meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated that the growth of investment in a country is one of the most important components of development and prosperity of its economy.

He said, "Eliminating incentives to withdraw capital from country and encouraging the attraction of capital from abroad are the two basic steps in the sustainable development and strength of the country's economy".

The President added, "No investor who has legally invested in the country should feel economic, social and political insecurity in the process of its participation in the development of the country".

Dr Rouhani referred the enemy's goal of sanctions, preventing investment in infrastructure development and the country's progress, and stated, "The government has always tried to attract capital by removing and amending cumbersome laws and regulations and reforming harmful bureaucracies. In this way, it will both neutralise sanctions and achieve the goal of improving the indicators of 'Economy of Resistance'".

Emphasising the need ministries related to the field of investment to properly perform their duties and missions, the President said, "The share of this economic component in the country should be accelerated and developed by creating direct and indirect economic incentives and formulating transparent laws in the licensing process".

The President said that preventing the outflow of capital from the country cannot be achieved only by enacting laws and negative measures, adding, "The government has specially supported those domestic and foreign investors who invest in the field of productive economy".

Dr Rouhani described destructive psychological operations in the economic sector, including in the stock market and currency fluctuations, with the aim of discouraging and inactivating a part of the community of investors and said, "Relying on domestic power depends on the necessary trust and security for investors that can reduce and neutralise the effects of sanctions".


news id: 118984

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