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President at the session of the Executive Council of Information Technology:

Transparency, fighting corruption key effects of e-gov't/ Paying tax a moral value, national duty

Stating that the government has been working hard to help people receive public services easier and faster, the President said, "The development of e-government will help achieve this goal, and transparency and the fight against corruption are among the effects".

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Tue 05 - January 2021 - 00:11

Speaking on Monday at the 19th meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated, "All the regulations that are approved in this Executive Council are to make people do their activities easier, receive services from the government easier and faster so that there is no need for in-person visits".

Dr Rouhani referred to the decisions taken on e-health, tax system and also the comprehensive welfare system of Iranians in the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology and stated that the issue of public health is very important, adding, "People can receive health services better and easier, and with the electronic health department of doctors, pharmacies and paraclinical centres can also provide their services better and faster".

Dr Rouhani also referred to the unveiling of the comprehensive welfare system of Iranians in this meeting and the beginning of the activity of this system with the aim of moving from public subsidies to targeted and intelligent subsidies, and stated, "It is possible that today 60 million people in the country enjoy subsidies and livelihood support".

The President also referred to the payment of livelihood assistance to about 35 million people in the last 4 months of the year with the approval of the government and parliament due to damages caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 and added, "During the outbreak of the disease, those jobs affected by coronavirus have received aid packages and loans".

Dr Rouhani further mentioned tax as one of the other issues raised in the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology and emphasised the importance of the issue of tax in the country, and added, "In this government, the burden of providing the resources needed to run the country is removed from oil and put on tax and duties".

Emphasising that oil revenues should be spent on infrastructure development, the president added, "Paying taxes is a national duty and a moral value that is very important in running the country, and according to reports, fortunately this year's tax revenue situation has been good".

Dr Rouhani continued, "With the measures taken in the field of electronic tax payment, the conditions have been provided in such a way that 70% of taxpayers can pay their taxes through the system and there is no need for them to apply in person".

Emphasising the importance of e-government in the fight against corruption, the President said, "The fight against corruption is possible through transparency, and with the electronic activities, problems in various sectors will be solved".

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the launch of a comprehensive commerce system as one of the other measures taken in this regard and added, "The comprehensive commerce system encompasses important departments such as customs, warehouses, registration of goods orders, receiving currency from the Central Bank , exports and imports and distribution of goods".

Emphasising the need to complete this system by the end of the year, the President said, "Food security and people's lives are very important, and by using the comprehensive trade system, people and officials will be confident about the process of supply and distribution of goods and services".

news id: 118976

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