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President at the session of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

We've prepared next year's budget based on experiences gained from resisting a fully-fledged economic war/ We hope that purchase of transfer of COVID-19 vaccine is done in coming weeks

The President said, "The government hopes that with the measures taken, in addition to diligently pursuing the domestic development of a vaccine, with the purchase and transfer of the vaccine from various companies to the country in the coming weeks, vaccination will start based on prioritisation and schedule with the priority of medical staff and the elderly".

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Sun 03 - January 2021 - 17:04

In Sunday's meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board chaired by Dr Hassan Rouhani, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Central Bank discussed the activities and measures taken to provide resources and purchase COVID-19 vaccines from various manufacturers abroad.

Emphasising the need to expedite the actions and activities carried out in this field, the President stated, "The Central Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Plan and Budget Organisation, together with the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for the necessary expertise, should plan to purchase and transfer vaccines to the country faster".

In another part of the meeting, the President referred to the experiences gained during the three years of confronting the imposed economic war, and said, "The government is relying on the experiences gained from resisting this full-scale war and neutralising the inhumane sanctions, and set the country's budget for next year with the aim of economic development as well as effective livelihood support for the people".

Dr Rouhani added, "The economic situation of the country requires that in view of all the requirements, needs and resources of the country, people should feel the positive effects of a promising horizon in economic development and their livelihood. For this reason, no decision that leads to double economic pressure on the livelihood of the people and the economy of the country will be accepted".

The President emphasised, "The amount of tax revenues or revenues from the export of oil and its products in the proposed budget has been set based on the estimates of the country's economic trend next year with realistic views and emphasis on economic strength and fulfilment of the country's rights".

news id: 118957

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