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President in a meeting with clerics and seminarians:

Clergy pioneer in defending national interests, World of Islam/ Gov’t trying to help low income classes more/ All authorities unanimous about resisting US, sanctions/ We’ll open 4-trillion-toman project in West Azerbaijan Province

President described the role of the clergy in defending the national interests of the country and the World of Islam remarkable, saying, “The clergy have always had a valuable role in religion, science and culture, as well as guiding people and reducing discords in the society”.

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Mon 20 - May 2019 - 23:17

Speaking on Monday evening in a cordial meeting with clerics and seminarians, President Hassan Rouhani said, “The valuable role of the clergy in fighting colonialism and exploitation has been very critical during stages like fighting Britain’s colonialism and during the Constitutional and Islamic movements”.

“During the past 40 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, clerics have carried the burden of responsibility of managing the society,” he said.

The President stressed, “Major world powers knew that in case of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, their interests in the region and the world would be endangered”.

On the current complicated conditions, he said, “Those at the White House have been acting against the Islamic Republic of Iran since 40 years ago, considering pressure and war the way to confront our country; today, all of these people have gathered in one place in the White House”.

Dr Rouhani also went on to stress that fortunately, people believe that we were not the one who started the tensions, saying, “The enemies have always wanted us to be the beginner, and this will be recorded in history”.

“Of course, some inside the country were trying to get us withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with some reasons and reasoning; standing against this was also a hard job,” he continued.

If we withdrew from the nuclear deal under the provocations of the United States, defending the government’s efforts and work would be harder today, President Rouhani said, adding, “In such an atmosphere, the United Nations would implement sanctions in addition to those of the US”.

The President also said that the government is fully aware of the hard economic conditions of lower income classes, saying, “The government has always tried to help these classes, and we have allocated 500 billion tomans to address their issues”.

He also referred to the decrease in government’s income and limitations with regard to banking relations, saying, “87 per cent of the world’s financial work is done with dollar, and today, trade with dollar is under sanction in a unilateral, illegal way”.

Today, we are self-sufficient in production of many basic goods, including wheat, and we do not need to import them, said the President, adding, “Although we are self-sufficient in our basic goods, some are increasing the price of other imported products to gain profit”.

“Although today, people are facing hardships, the government has not let them feel any shortage in basic goods,” he added.

Dr Rouhani also said, “Today, we need to focus our power and decision makings to manage the current conditions better”.

 “We have never had such hardships and hurdles in in banking relations and oil sales that we have today, therefore, we all need to focus and feel that we are at an economic war,” he said.

The President added, “Fortunately, today we all agree that we need to stand up to the United States and sanctions, and there is no disagreement in this regard among people and the authorities”.

I favour negotiation and diplomacy, but I do not consider it right in the current conditions, said Rouhani, continuing, “In my last year visit to the United Nations, 5 well-known world leaders approached us to mediate a negotiation with US President. Their State Department also sent requests to us 8 times, but today is not the time of negotiation at all, but resistance and steadfastness”.

“To reach our high goals and reduce problems, we all need to be united and unanimous and feel that we are at an economic war in which we need to help each other,” added the President.

He said, “Despite all hardships and problems we are opening a great project in West Azerbaijan Province with a credit of around 4 billion tomans, and other great project will be opened after Ramadan to help us develop our country in spite of sanctions”.


news id: 109700

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