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Russian Foreign Minister confers with president Rouhani:

Serious steps to implementation of agreements reached with Putin in Bishkek

President Hassan Rouhani called for implementation of agreements reached with President Vladimir Putin in a meeting in Bishkek, saying Iran wants very close and strategic ties with Moscow.

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Wed 11 - December 2013 - 20:38

The president made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday.
Referring to joint efforts by Iran and Russia to counter terrorism and extremism, President Rouhani called for further cooperation with Moscow in this regard.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the president termed the presence of foreign forces in the region as a big problem.
President Hassan Rouhani said that the agreement between Iran and G5+1 in Geneva recognizes all Iranian rights such as uranium enrichment and any misinterpretation of Geneva agreement by certain countries would harm confidence-building process.
President Rouhani and Lavrov discussed different issues, including ways to establish peace and security in the region, international campaign against terrorism and extremism, regional challenges, the Syrian developments and the Geneva nuclear deal made on November 24.
President Rouhani said that in the course of Geneva talks, Iran insisted on two things. Firstly Iran does not accept any kind of discrimination and wanted all its rights enshrined by the Non-Proliferation Treaty to be recognized and secondly insisted that its nuclear activities are peaceful and will remain peaceful.
The Russian foreign minister, for his part, said that Moscow is committed to implement the agreements between the two presidents in Bishkek and that during his visit he had discussed ways to do so.
Lavrov called for the agenda of Tehran-Moscow Joint Economic Cooperation Commission to be drawn up immediately, saying Russia is ready to make use of all the capacities to promote ties with Iran.
He emphasized that Russia has no difference with Iran over interpretation of Geneva agreement and will make a statement to that effect in the next meeting of Iran with Group G5+1.
The Russian foreign minister added that Russia’s foreign policy doctrine respects other countries’ rights to nuclear enrichment and peaceful nuclear technology within the framework of respective regulations.
The two officials also discussed bilateral cooperation in different fields, including economy, industry, trade, banking, nuclear technology, sciences and media.

news id: 73380

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