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President addressing the closing ceremony of Book of the Year Award:

Islamic Revolution a cultural, social, political revolution/Thought becomes eternal through books/Questions, doubts not met through forbidding, censorship/US administration’s anti-Iranian sanctions against science, scientists, pen

Stressing that the Islamic Revolution was above a mere political revolution, as a cultural and social one, adding, “Without a doubt, the Islamic Revolution and the beginning of the Islamic Movement started through books and statements of maraji, especially Imam Khomeini”.

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Tue 05 - February 2019 - 17:50

Addressing the 36th National Award for Book of the Year and the 26th World Award for Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “The people of Iran were bare handed during the revolution, but they had high hopes of the end of the path of victory and they stood against all powers in fighting the dictator”.

Stating that the victory of the people of Iran in the revolution was the victory of light over darkness, he said, “Quran is a book that sheds light over darkness. This is the description of a real book in that stepping in the darkness is not possible without speed, precision and not facing obstacles”.

Dr Rouhani said, “Today we are in an age when the book must answer questions about history, geography, heavens, galaxies, lifestyle, ethics, religion and mysticism”.

“Writing a book is worthwhile, but sometimes, it does not answer the questions and doubts of the day, and we have no way to stop these doubts,” he continued.

He went on to emphasise that questions and doubts cannot be met through forbidding and censorship, adding, “The times of censorship has gone and it does not resolve today’s issues, so we have to act based on reasoning, knowledge, book and conversation”.

The president stipulated, “We have to build a dialogue community and talk with everyone, and if we are interested in factions and parties, we have to speak with our rivals and do not fight”.

“When, after 40 years of maturation, we want to talk about a bill or a law, why do we have to talk to each other like this?” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also stressed that there is no problem in expressing differences, adding, “We have to speak with each other clearly, courteously and based on morals”.

Emphasising that today the society needs more scholars and authors than yesterday, he said, “We led the Islamic Revolution to victory with the book and the pen and we can certainly preserve it with culture and books".

“Those who want to defeat the Iranian people are ultimately trying to defeat the people culturally, despite the fact that they started with pressures and talk of the economy,” he said.

The president noted, “During the war with Iraq, the former Soviet Union refused to deliver the weapons that we had previously purchased, and delivered the most modern airplanes to Saddam”.

“In the meantime, Europe, the United States, and the Arab reactionaries were on Saddam's side and provided all the facilities and weapons to him, and we were fully besieged, but in spite of all these measures they could not win. Because we had the spirit of faith, belief and hope,” said Rouhani.

He went on to refer to the United States’ not allowing four American intellectuals to come to Iran for receiving the Book of the Year Award, he said, “If the US claims that it has no bad intentions towards the Iranian nation and culture, then why it has prevented them to come to Iran?”

President Rouhani continued, “This shows that the sanctions of the United States are against science, scientists and the pen and he wants to break the pens, fighting the thoughts and civilisation of today’s world”.

news id: 107917

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