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President in a meeting with the Emir of Kuwait:

Tehran-Kuwait economic ties should deepen along with political ties/Joint commission should be more active for identifying opportunities/Negotiation, agreement the only way to resolve regional misunderstandings

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Emir of Kuwait underscored the importance of unity and integrity among Muslim and neighbouring countries in the current situation of the region, emphasising consultation, cooperation and coordination in order to establish stability and security, as well as development in countries of the region.

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Wed 15 - February 2017 - 23:13

“There are vast potentials for deepening and cementing relations between Iran and Kuwait in different aspects that can be tapped for the two nations and the region to benefit from,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Emir of Kuwait late on Wednesday in capital Kuwait.
Stressing that the joint commission of economic cooperation should be more active, Dr Rouhani said: “We hope that different economic sectors and investors, especially the private sectors of the two countries establish closer ties and tap the opportunities they have in order to develop ties”.
He added: “The two countries have close ties from the political aspect and there is a need for economic ties to develop and bolster along with political ones”.
“Iran and Kuwait have considerable opportunities for cooperation in the field of transit and the South-North Corridor and they can make use of each other’s potentials to the benefit of the interests of the two countries and the nations of the region,” Rouhani added.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “Tehran-Kuwait relations are not limited to economic aspects, but rather there are great potentials for cultural, scientific and technology ties”.
On the need to strengthen banking ties, he said: “Iran is completely ready to develop inclusive ties with Kuwait, including joint ventures in various projects”.
He also went on to mention major regional issues, terrorism being among them, and said: “The major problems of the region, such as terrorism, are inclusive and the only way to confront them is all countries of the region and neighbours standing with each other and it is essential that they be united against this problem”.
Stressing unity and integrity among countries of the region, President Rouhani said: “Today, we all must stand together as religious and Muslim brothers and confront divisive ideas; it is essential that we firmly follow the message of Quran, which emphasises brotherhood”.
All disagreements of the region are solvable through dialogue, continued Rouhani adding: “Dialogue and communication are the only way for settling issues and misunderstandings among countries of the region”.
At the same meeting, the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah expressed happiness over President Rouhani’s visit and referred to Dr Rouhani’s unity-building stances and viewpoints.
He said: “The current situation of the region requires us to have good relations with each other and therefore, we are determined to promote our ties with Tehran in all fields of mutual interest”.
The Emir of Kuwait also said: “Kuwait is ready to develop and deepen ties with Iran in various fields”.
“We all are Muslims and should stand by each other by unity and brotherhood, taking steps for development, stability and peace,” said Sheikh Sabah.
He also appreciated Iran’s stances during the time that Kuwait was occupied by Saddam Hussein.

news id: 97787