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President addressing people at Gonbad-e Kavus’ Takhti Stadium:

Golestan the province of unity among ethnic, religious groups/All we smelt in Golestan is unity, fraternity/We’re proud of today’s security, people’s vigilance, scientific growth

President described Golestan Province as the province of unity among all ethnic and religious groups, saying, “The historical land of Golestan has been host to many great people”.

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Mon 14 - January 2019 - 11:42

Addressing people at Gonbad-e Kavus’ Takhti Stadium on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani added, “All we have smelt in Golestan is unity and fraternity and we respect the elders of the province for this unity”.

In the coming days, we will launch two satellites into space, said the President, adding, “Payam Satellite will be released into an orbit of 600 kilometres above the Earth by a domestic carrier rocket made by our scientists in Amir Kabir University”.

Dr Rouhani also went on to say, “People of Golestan have always been brave border guards of Islam and the Revolution,” adding that, “Magtymguly used to invite people to unity and moderation with respect to the Ahl ul-Bayt”.

"January 16, 1979 was the day that the dictator left this land,” he said, adding, “Today, it is the Iranian nation who decide for everything in the country”.

Stating, “I respect people’s greatness and trust,” the President continued, “We will launch two satellites into the space in coming days”.

He also said, “Payam Satellite is Iran’s first operational satellite with the mission of sending territorial information on a daily basis”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “In genetics, we hold the first place in the region”.

Stating that, “We are not afraid of the enemies’ conspiracies,” Dr Rouhani added, “Neither the United States, nor the Zionists and their disciples are able to bring our great nation and brave leader to their knees”.

Saying that, “We will leave problems behind us,” Dr Rouhani added, “They want to put restrictions on our food, medicine and equipment. We have the best relations with our neighbours than ever”.

He continued, “I appreciate the people and authorities of Golestan for decreasing unemployment rate”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to say, “In year 1398, a vast development will be made in the housing industry”.

“We encourage banks to invest in Golestan Province tourism,” he said, adding, “Roughly $150m of loans has been allocated for tourism sector”.

He added, “I had promised 22k hectares of drainage in the province, but we reached 34k,” saying, “We will put drainage system for 50k hectares more in the province to help agriculture”.

The Incheh Borun-Garmsar railway will be operationalised soon, said the President, adding, “Carrying cargo through this railway has increased from 2 to 12 million tonnes”.

“The Incheh Borun Free Zone will bring a great development for the province,” continued Dr Rouhani.

Stating that the United States has imposed restrictions on banks, oil and shipping, he said, “This is hard, but we will prevail over them”.

He continued, “In hard days, we need to stand together. The government will serve people with all its might”.

The President also added, “By the end of the 12th Government, 1000 new beds will be added to hospitals nationwide”.

news id: 107628

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