Wed May 24, 2017 10:28:56
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President enters Mashhad

President Rouhani arrived in holy city of Mashhad on Tuesday to make pilgrimage to Imam Reza (AS), the 8th Imam of Shias.

President in a phone call with French counterpart:

Iran adheres to all its JCPOA commitments/We can make better conditions for region by deepening ties

President Rouhani had a telephone call with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron and referred to good and friendly relations between Iran and France, adding that relations must be deepened and developed.

President in a press conference:

Our election's message national unity, int'l dialogue/Supreme Leader belongs to entire Iranian nation/People national power/In election people said they were united nation, our voices must be heard/No one has right to drag Revolution in its own tent

President Rouhani attended a press conference with domestic and foreign media on Monday and appreciated people's historic turnout in the election, describing Iran's stances about regional and international issues.

President in a cabinet session:

12th gov't to be more efficient, less faulty/People's voices was heard well in election/This election not defeat for any faction, party/I ask people to consider themselves contributors to country's future in next 4 years

President Rouhani congratulated people's historic turnout in the recent presidential election and said: "The 12th administration will be more efficient with less mistakes than the previous one and we will listen to people's wants and wishes more carefully".

Dr Rouhani in a televised message addressing Iranian nation:

Freedom, independence, national sovereignty winners of election/This was victory of peace, reconciliation against tension, violence/Everybody must respect people's wishes, decision/Elections finished, I am whole nation's president, need each and everybody's help

President-elect Dr Hassan Rouhani sent a televised message to the Iranian nation and thanked them for their massive turnout in the elections, stressing that freedom, independence and national sovereignty are winners of the elections.

President at the opening ceremony of Hamedan-Tehran railway:

Gov't acts in railway honourable/By the end of 11th gov't almost one railway a month will open/5 province centres to be linked to nationwide railway/People support system, Revolution

President Rouhani described the administration's efforts in fulfilling its promises and the measures taken in various fields, especially railways and modernisation of railways as something honourable, adding: "With God's favour, we will continue along the path that works best for the great Iranian nation, ancient culture and Islam".

At President Rouhani's order;

Hamedan-Tehran railway starts operation

President Rouhani ordered Hamedan-Tehran railway to start operation, a 276km project that has been completed with $258m credit.

At president's order;

National Organisation for Youth Affairs revives

President Rouhani ordered revival of the National Organisation for Youth Affairs, ordering the head of Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization Dr Jamshid Ansari to prepare the requirements.

President at the ceremony marking the beginning of Dena+ and Peugeot 2008 mass production:

Visiting production units reminds us of Sacred Defence strongholds/We say "yes" to all those working in production, domestic industry/Teachers the origin of society's knowledge, skill

President Rouhani described the return of part-making workers to the factories as the symbol of concurrent spin of the wheel of industry and the most modern centrifuges in Iran, stressing that domestic production gives people hope and the enemies despair.

President at a ceremony celebrating International Workers' Day:

Freedom of choice, job, fair wages workers' right/Gov't created 2m jobs but 3m jobless bothers all/We are doing our utmost to provide workers' welfare, future/Market liveliness possible by opening exporting doors

President Rouhani congratulated the International Workers' Day and said that it is workers' right to have freedom of choice in choosing their way, job and fair wages, adding: "In this government 2 million jobs have been created but we all are suffering from 3 million jobless people".

President at the opening ceremony of Setareh Khalij-e Fars Gas Condensates Refinery:

Setareh Khalij-e Fars Gas Condensates Refinery the symbol of brotherhood, cooperation, interaction in Iran/We need to build Iran together/Jihadi management required for doing great things

President Rouhani described Setareh Khalij-e Fars Gas Condensates Refinery as the symbol of brotherhood, cooperation, and interaction in Iran and said: "One who puts effort on freedom, independence, republicanism, and Islamism of our political system is a supporter of the Revolution".

President congratulates Iran's weightlifting team's Asia championship

President Rouhani set a message of congratulations following the championship of Iran's weightlifting team in the 2017 Asian Weightlifting Championships in Turkmenistan, describing it another sign of Iranian youths' competence and hope.

President at the meeting of officials with the Supreme Leader:

Religious democracy a gift from the Prophet (PBUH)/Supreme Leader always bravely backs republicanism, Islamism, law/Iranian nation about to make new epic

"Religious democracy is a gift from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)," said President Rouhani at the meeting of Iranian officials and the ambassadors of Islamic countries to Iran with the Supreme Leader.

President in a meeting with Pakistani parliament speaker:

All potentials must be used for deepening Iran-Pakistan ties

President Rouhani met with the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Ayaz Sadiq and stressed that the potentials and capabilities of the two countries must be used to develop relations.