Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the Minister of Interior:

Provinces prone to forest fires must mobilise all their prevention and countermeasure facilities/ Provide list of ready-to-open projects to be presented to gov't

The President said, "The provinces with forests and rangelands, which are likely to catch fire in the summer, must take the necessary measures and preparations to prevent fires with the coordination of the country's crisis management headquarters and, if necessary, use all combat and relief capabilities to deal with possible fires."

Dr Rouhani in phone call with the President of Serbia:

We must use all available capacities and opportunities to deepen economic cooperation/ Iran ready to transfer experience and scientific and technological cooperation with Serbia in fighting coronavirus

The President stressed the importance of developing Iran-Serbia relations and cooperation in various fields, including economic, trade, scientific and technological, and stressed the need for efforts by officials of the two countries to develop relations and comprehensive cooperation between Tehran and Belgrade.

President in a phone call with Finnish counterpart:

JCPOA good achievement in multilateralism/ US’ withdrawal from nuclear deal against political, moral regulations/ If Europe fully complies with its commitments, we will do so/ Americans must have understood that this path hasn’t done any good to them

Stating that the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was a good achievement in the field of multilateralism, President said, "Unfortunately, this good agreement faced problems with the US’ sabotage and the unilateral withdrawal”.

Dr Rouhani at the meeting for planning the fulfillment of the slogan of Surge in Production:

We will be successful in surging production if we act in the same way as in coronavirus case

In the first meeting of planning the fulfillment of the slogan of Surge in Production and completing major national projects, the President emphasised the government's serious determination and will to complete major national projects, saying, "The fact that the Supreme Leader has named this year Surge in Production means that he has trusted the government and people's power to fulfill this slogan".

President in a phone call with Afghan counterpart:

Iran’s policy to deepen ties with neighbours, including Afghanistan/ Iran to always stand by Afghanistan for developing peace, stability, security/ Stressing faster implementation of Khaf-Herat railway as key economic project for Iran, Afghanistan

Referring to the friendly and fraternal relations between the two countries, the Presidents of Iran and Afghanistan stressed the need to work for the comprehensive development and strengthening of Tehran-Kabul relations in order to ensure the interests of both nations.

President at a cabinet session:

This year, 170 trillion tomans of projects will be put into operation in industry and mines; 65 trillion tomans in roads and urban development/ Good 100-day record of medical staff, Iranian nation in fighting coronavirus to remain in history

Presenting figures on the process of rapid development of the country, despite the illegal sanctions of the enemies, the President emphasised that 3,900 projects will be put into operation this year with 31 trillion tomans of credits in this field.

At the session of cabinet’s economic board:

President stresses people’s right to choosing how they manage their Justice Shares/ Stressing improving production quality, transparency, making car prices real

The Government’s Economic Board convened on Sunday in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, in which the banking system of the country was required to provide the necessary conditions for allocating credits to Justice Share owners.

In phone calls with Minister of Defence and head of the Department of Environment;

President instructs containing fires and prevent similar incidents

In separate telephone conversations with the Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics and the head of the Department of Environment, the President stressed the need to use all facilities and equipment to control fires in the forests of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province and to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

President’s instructions to the vice-president for legal affairs regarding key gov’t bills

The president gave the Vice-President of Legal Affairs a special mission to advance government’s important bills, including the Security and Violence against Women Bill, the Transparency and Interest Conflict Management Bill, the National Human Rights and Citizenship Bill, and the Civil Liability Bill of Public Institutions.

In a congratulatory message to the Croatian President;

Dr Rouhani felicitates Croatia on National Day

he President of the Islamic Republic of Iran sent a message to President Zoran Milanović of Croatia to congratulate him and the people of Croatia on May 30, the Croatian National Day.

President at the session of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

In fighting coronavirus, we still encourage people to cooperate more and fully heed health protocols/ The doors of mosques across the country to be opened for daily prayers with the full implementation of health protocols/ We need to accept limitations; we can't go back to pre-coronavirus conditions soon

Emphasising that instilling fear, anxiety and uncertainty about the future of life is not helpful, the president called on the people to continue to work closely with the country's medical staff in the fight against coronavirus in full compliance with health protocols.

President in a phone call with education minister:

Emphasis eliminating students and their parents' concerns about holding face-to-face exams/ Appreciation of the country's teaching staff and teachers for fulfilling the slogan of "closure of school is not closure of education"

In phone call with the Minister of Education on Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani instructed him to cooperate with the health ministry to follow health protocols in schools for conducting face-to-face exams at some education levels in such a way that students and their parents do not have any worries or concerns.

President in a phone call with energy minister:

Gheyzaniyeh water issue must be continuously pursued by the Minister/ Planning to expedite the operation of the country's water and electricity projects/ Emphasis on providing agricultural water resources with the aim of increasing crop production and fulfilling the slogan of Surge in Production

Referring to the previous instructions given to the Minister of Energy and the Governor-General of Khuzestan from the moment that the water problem arose in Gheyzaniyeh, the President once again instructed the Minister of Energy to personally pursue finding a complete and quick solution to the water problem in the area, so that a definite solution to the problem is found by the end of the current month

President in a phone call with health minister:

People must continue heeding health protocols thoroughly and accurately/ Ministry of Health must warn of consequences of not observing health protocols on a regular basis

Emphasising the need for full compliance with health protocols by the people until the stage of controlling COVID-19 is completed, the President instructed the Minister of Health and Medical Education to work with the Health Committee of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in cooperation with the Social and Security Committee under the chairmanship of the Minister of Interior for careful monitoring and supervision of the implementation of health protocols throughout the country, especially in the provinces and cities that are witnessing the growth of the disease.