President in a press conference with Pakistani PM:

Any goodwill to be responded with goodwill/ Both Tehran, Islamabad believe regional issues must be resolved through dialogue/ US should return to JCPOA, abandon sanctions

Speaking in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, President stressed that Tehran and Islamabad both share the view that regional issues must be resolved through political ways and dialogue.

At Sa’dabad Historical-Cultural Complex:

President welcomes Pakistani PM

President Hassan Rouhani received the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Sunday at Sa’dabad Historical-Cultural Complex.

President appoints Supreme Council of Education members

President Rouhani appointed 10 members of Supreme Council of Education for a four-year period.

President in a cabinet session:

The era of maximum pressure has come to an end/ Employment figures over the past year impressive/ Turkish government's concerns on its southern borders must be resolved; solution is US withdrawal, presence of Syrian army/ Iranian power today more than ever/ Arba'een one of the historic miracles

The president emphasised the failure of the American conspiracy to exert maximum pressure on the great Iranian nation, saying, "Today, all figures and people's spirit show that the era of maximum pressure has come to an end."

At the meeting of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution chaired by President Rouhani;

Science, technology advancement report discussed

The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution convened Tuesday evening in a session chaired by President Hassan Rouhani and discussed the report on science and technology advancements of the country.

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with Intelligence Minister, Dy Ministers senior executives:

Acting religiously, legally, popularly three main pillars of Intelligence Ministry/ Being anonymous a great spiritual opportunity to serve/ Iranian nation fought maximum pressure and won/ Enemies disappointed by maximum pressure strategy

Stating that the Intelligence Ministry's largest asset is the Leader and people's trust, the President praised the efforts of the ministry's executives at various times, adding, "Acting religiously, legally, and popularly are three key pillars of the Intelligence Ministry's mission".

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with Governor-Generals of Tehran, Qom and Alborz:

Governor-Generals should work harder on production, resolving business problems, increasing employment/ E-government project must be completed faster/ Housing construction plans government priorities

The President advised governor-generals and heads of executive agencies to work tirelessly to address problems and shortages in various sectors, particularly in terms of people's livelihoods and removing barriers to youth employment and production increase.

President stresses at cabinet session:

Employment key issue for country/ Employment close to 25m people

President said that employment is a very important issue for the country and stressed that all authorities should make efforts in this regard.

President in a meeting with medal-winning students:

Elites, int’l contests medal-winners, heroes of talent, education, learning/ Fair competition in all fields promotes progress/ Studying, learning skills must be pursued with latest global trends

President described the role of students’ families and the family environment effective on the progress and flourishment of students’ talents, saying, “Elites and those who have won medals at international contests are heroes in the fields of talent, education and learning”.

At the session of Supreme Council of Cyberspace chaired by President Rouhani;

Digital Services Development Document reviewed

The Supreme Council of Cyberspace convened on Saturday evening in a session chaired by President Rouhani and reviewed parts of the Digital Services Development Document.

President at cabinet session:

Great Iranian nation’s power clearer after 1.5 years of constant economic pressure/ In the UN visit, politics, diplomacy revolved around where Iranian delegation was/ I am ready for any kind of self-sacrifice that leads to protecting Iranian nation’s rights

Stating that despite the pressures on the people, today, is the day of dignity for the Iranian nation, Dr Rouhani said, “The great Iranian nation’s power has become clearer and its position higher after 1.5 years of constant economic pressures”.

After attending EAEU Summit;

President arrives in Tehran

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in Tehran late on Tuesday after attending the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) summit.

Together with EAEU leaders;

Dr Rouhani attends Eurasian Transit Potentials conference

President attended the International Conference on Transit Potential of the Eurasian Continent in Armenia.

On the sidelines of EAEU Summit in Yerevan;

Rouhani, Putin discuss key bilateral, regional, int’l topics / Iranian, Russian Presidents discuss Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) Initiative

The Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation met on the sidelines of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Summit in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Tuesday evening to discuss the most important bilateral, regional and international issues.

President addressing EAEU Summit:

Int'l community should stand against US' unilateral approach by taking serious decisions/ US' coercive measures and the use of dollar as weapon constitute an act of economic terrorism/ Regional cooperation within the framework of economic, commercial and political unions important tools in regional economic, political integration

President described the trade agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union as signifying the comprehensive and constructive approach of Iran in harmony with a strong political determination to contribute to the development of multilateral and regional economic and commercial relations.