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At the 21st Tehran Press and News Agencies Exhibition;

President: Media should be symbol of moderation and rationality and away from any radicalism

President Hassan Rouhani, in the inauguration ceremony of the 21st Tehran Press and News Agencies Exhibition, said that all media must be away from any radicalism and should be an epitome of moderation and rationality in the society.

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Sun 08 - November 2015 - 13:37

In this ceremony which was held early on Sunday at Tehran Grand Musalla, he described instigating disappointment among people as a counter-revolutionary action and said: "Instilling hope to the society in the post-sanctions era is the duty of all media".

Stating that banning some young media and press in their early stages of activity is not favourable, Dr. Rouhani added that: "As we need media, we also need a clear law for press and media, thus, as far as the law is clear and unambiguous, no one can stick to a part of it and play with or misuse people's rights of freedom of press in the society".

President also said that everyone should be equal before the law and we have to resort to the judiciary as a secure base for all walks of the nation, therefore banning a press medium should be the last option for the judiciary system when facing an outlaw medium".

Dr Rouhani continued: "As development is not possible without media in any society, it is also essential to treat all media equally".

He also said that criticism is everybody’s right but in this course of action, destroying government’s face with people’s money is not acceptable.

“Trying to discredit people is against the Islamic values” said Rouhani adding that being revolutionary does not mean lying, accusing, and discrediting great people who have done many things for the people in different eras.

He continued: “Today, we need to give people trust and hope more than ever and this is the responsibility of the press and the official TV network”.

Speaking about economic issues, Dr Rouhani said: “We should bear this in mind that lift of sanctions cannot cure other economic issues of the country”.

On the nuclear deal, he continued: “As the result of the nuclear deal, Iran managed to enter the nuclear technology market and commerce and not only centrifuges do not stop, they will be run by the highest technology”.

news id: 90419

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