President in the 6th General Assembly of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) World Assembly:

Enemies trying to transform Islam into religion of violence

President Hassan Rouhani warned against enemies’ plots to turn Islam from a religion of spirituality and fraternity into one which advocates violence.

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شنبه 24 مرداد 1394 - 09:44

President made the remarks here Saturday morning in an address to the 6th General Assembly of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) World Assembly in Tehran.
He said enemies were trying to transform Islam which is a religion of ethics and brotherhood into one which advocates violence, extremism, mass killings, division and divergence.
He urged all to confront such attempts.
He said just the way all mobilized efforts to fight attempts to eradicate religion from people’s lives in the past, they are now obliged to confront plots to distort religion.
The President urged all not to allow terrorist groups to depict Islam as a religion of murdering, violence and destruction.
Stressing that Muslims are all but one in confronting blasphemy and division, he stressed that the borders of Islam are not defined by blood, ethnicity or extremism but by belief, faith and ethics.
President Rouhani further highlighted the developments in Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and other Muslim countries as indications proving the fact.
“We want to use our power for the sake of peace, stability and security in the region,” Dr.Rouhani said.
He stressed that Iran’s power comes along “logic” and the ability to “negotiate” and “hoist the flag of peace”, not only the military gear.
“We proved that we are able to employ political might and logic to hold talks with the major world powers and force them to accede to our Muslim nation’s rights,” he added, referring to the conclusion of marathon talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 over Tehran’s nuclear program.
What leads to security in a society is “knowledge, science, unity, solidarity and morality”, the president noted, pointing to the lack of security and stability for Israel despite possessing nuclear weapons.
Dr.Rouhani further took a swipe at certain neighboring countries for the wrong notion of gaining modern weapons and opening military strikes against the “great and oppressed” nation of Yemen.

شناسه خبر: 88767

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