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President in a press conference after swearing-in ceremony:

Production, youth employment administration’s main concern/I hope we witness absolute poverty completely eradicated at the end of 12th Administration

President Rouhani attended a joint press conference with the heads of the other two branches, Dr Ali Larijani and Ayatollah Amoli Larijani and said: “We must thank the Iranian nation for attending the presidential election”.

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Sat 05 - August 2017 - 19:45

Appreciating the Supreme Leader for his endorsement, as well as supporting the 11th Administration during the past four years, the President added: “People’s votes paved the way for the 12th Administration’s work and today, I am happy to tell our great nation that we could fulfil most of our promises that we gave in the beginning of the 11th Administration”.

He added: “Before the 11th Administration, we were sanctioned by the Security Council and the United Nations but today, we are under no sanctions by the Security Council; of course, there are some sanctions and we must confront them”.

“Today, our relations with countries throughout the world are better and the groundwork is ready for growth and people’s economic activities,” Dr Rouhani continued.

The President also said: “During the past four years, we witnessed insurance for all, decrease in treatment costs and self-sufficiency in various sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas”.

In transportation and constructing roads in provinces around the country and also to neighbouring countries, we are in better conditions, said Rouhani adding: “We hope to be able to execute and operationalise the promises we made to people, especially those concerning living conditions and economic growth”.

Describing production and youth employment as the administration’s main concern, he said: “I hope we witness absolute poverty completely eradicated at the end of 12th Administration”.

Today, our region is suffering from instability and insecurity, continued the President, adding: “The 12th Administration will work with other countries to establish more stability in the region”.

Terrorists have suffered hard strikes and we are witnessing instability decreasing in the region, continue the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran expressing hope that in the coming four years we witness closer, stronger ties with our neighbours.

news id: 99955

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