We are ready to promote relations with Iraq in all fields/Iran supports Iraq’s national unity, integrity/Facilitating visa regime accelerates economic ties development

Iraq is Iran’s friend and brother neighbour and relations between the two countries are historic and old, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the President of Iraq, Fuad Masum.

Sat 05 - August 2017 - 15:06

In the meeting that was held on Saturday in Tehran, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: “Protecting security and stability in Iraq is very important for us because we consider security and stability of both countries linked and interconnected”.

“Today, we are very happy that the Iraqi people have achieved excellent, continuous victories against terrorists,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dr Rouhani also described expanding relations between the two Iranian and Iraqi nations very important, saying: “Further facilitation of people and entrepreneurs’ interaction can deepen long-standing, strong relations between the two countries; facilitating visa regime can contribute a lot to this aim”.

“Iran and Iraq’s railways can be connected with each other in south and west [of Iran] and this will play an important role in developing cooperation between the two countries,” added Rouhani.

The President also went on to say: “Developing banking cooperation can contribute a lot to promoting economic and trade relations and cooperation”.

He also described safeguarding Iraq’s territorial integrity and unity very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying: “Any change in geographical borders can fan tensions in the region for decades. We want Iraq to be integrated and we hope that Shias, Sunnis and Kurds in Iraq be united against enemies”.

“Your role as the President of Iraq will be very effective in establishing more unity and integrity in Iraq,” continued Dr Rouhani.

In the same meeting, the President of Iraq, Fuad Masum also congratulated Dr Rouhani on his re-election, saying: “I hope in your new term of office, close, historic ties between the two countries be developed”.

“Strong relations between Iran and Iraq were prominent when Iraq was grappling with a great problem and terrorist groups occupied several Iraqi cities and were planning to occupy many more.” said Masum, adding that Iran’s help had been very effective in combatting ISIS terrorists.

He also added: “There are a great number of potentials for developing cooperation between Iran and Iraq in various fields such as investment and technical and engineering services and Iraq is willing to deepen its ties with Iran in all fields of mutual interest”.

“Iraq is a rich country and is willing to use Iran’s help and experience to decrease its reliance on oil and gas incomes, with regard to Iran’s success in implementing this policy,” continued the President of Iraq.

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