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Dr Rouhani at presidential endorsement ceremony:

Imam Reza (AS) source of pride for all Iranians/We heard people’s voice once again; we came again for promotion of Islam, Iran’s pride, government’s authority, serving all Iranians/Increasing production, employment a top priority for 12th Administration/12th Administration planned its economic program with aim to mark economic revolution

President Rouhani described rooting out absolute poverty from the Iranian society and establishing a comprehensive social security system as one of the 12th Administration’s goals and stressed that the Administration has planned its economic programs with the aim of marking an economic revolution.

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Thu 03 - August 2017 - 14:36

Speaking on Thursday at presidential endorsement ceremony by the Supreme Leader, Dr Rouhani said: “The main priority of the 12th Administration is increasing production and employment and I reach out to all those who think about Iran’s glory and bright future”.

“If today, Iran is an independent country in the Islamic World and has kept its religious and Islamic identity, it is mainly because Imam Reza’s (AS) shrine in this land,” said the President, adding that “Imam Reza (AS) taught us how we can make the right decision in the era of war on power”.

He also added: “Thank God for being born in the era of Islamic revolution and witnessing a revolution that was the result of Imam [Khomeini] and people’s braveries”.

“During the last four decades we have learned a lot of lessons and we will take them on the way we have ahead of us; we have learned that the Islamic Republic of Iran is an integrated combination of republicanism and Islamism and none of these two must be ignored,” the President added.

He also said: “We have learned that the Iranian society has lifestyle diversity. Our women, men, young people, villagers and townspeople do not live the same way and they do not have the same understanding of culture and art”.

“Today, we know that the regional, global and national developments related to women and the youth will be very effective in the future of the country and we acknowledge that to build a future that features freedom, security, peace and progress required relying more on their endless capabilities”.

“After four decades, all those who have been engaged in the politics have developed the idea that the only way to build a fair and just society is moderation,” the President added.

Dr Rouhani also said: “The administration’s efforts are aimed at leading people towards their rights. Rooting out poverty and eradicating corruption are people’s rights”.

The President continued: “Economic growth, Iran’s pride in international circles, accessing regional and global markets, free atmosphere, easy access to information, equality before the law, having a secure future, discussion and voicing opinions, are all people’s rights”.

“Safeguarding people’s right will not be possible without moderation, distancing from extremes, acknowledging the rule of law, and the culture of obeying the law,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani continued saying: “In the Islamic Republic, the yardstick is people’s votes and people voice their ideas about the current policies of the country and the way of managing the country”.

Referring to the election and people’s historic turnout he said: “People carried out their duty brilliantly and now the burden of responsibility is on our shoulders”.

“We heard people’s voice once again and we came again for promotion of Islam, Iran’s pride, government’s authority, and serving all Iranians,” the President said.

He also added: “Freedom, independence, democracy, security and social justice are among the great achievements of the Islamic revolution”.

“The other advantage of religious democracy is that we have all accepted that we have different political, economic, and cultural opinions in our 80-million society and we have accepted that ultimately, it is people’s votes that choose their desired path,” he continued.

He also went on to say: “Without a doubt, the great achievements of our religious democracy is indebted to the late Imam and the Supreme Leader’s guidance, who prepared the groundwork for growth and progress with their fatherly behaviour”.

“The 11th Administration has taken important steps in this regard through bringing back economic stability and decreasing inflation and increasing public services including insurance for all and healthcare reform plan,” Rouhani said.

He also added: “One of the aims of the 12th Administration is completely rooting out absolute poverty from the Iranian society”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: “Creating employment and producing wealth require extensive investment and accessing the market and advanced technologies”.

Referring to geographical distances, cultural diversity and political disagreements in the world, he added: “We cannot have sustainable, fair national development without a clear and trustable plan, as well as constructive, effective interaction with the world, which has been stressed in the outlook document”.

“Leaving the hardest sanctions behind with a combination of diplomacy power and defensive power have been the first step in such as path,” the President added.

He also said: “Although the Islamic Republic of Iran has paid the price of the country’s independence and will continue to do so, it will never accept any isolation imposed by its enemies”.

news id: 99894

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