Election time over; time for cooperation, empathy/We must all join hands to meet people's demands/We are preparing supportive packages domestic, foreign investors/Americans to suffer damages from their own actions more than others

President Rouhani hosted a meeting of the heads of the three branches of the government on Sunday.

Sun 30 - July 2017 - 16:39

In the meeting which Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani the head of judicial branch and Dr Ali Larijani the head of legislative branch took part, the three heads of branches discussed issues with regard to domestic and regional issues.

Stating that the time of the election is over, Dr Rouhani said: "We all must join hands to meet people's demands".

"In this meeting, we discussed more unity and integrity between the three branches and all the forces we can used to serve people"

We also discussed economic issues, said Rouhani adding: "Today, production, employment and economic boost are very important issues of our country".

Stressing that heads of the three branches emphasised supporting investment, the President added: “We are preparing a serious supporting package for domestic and foreign investors and help each other to implement and put this package into action”.

“Today, we can invest foreign and domestic investment and if investment is attracted well, the weapon that the Americans are using will become extremely week because we do not have economic relations with the US and they have not invested in our country,” Dr Rouhani added.

He also said: “We have no trade with Americans and if we can have close economic relations with other parts of the world, they cannot use the weapon of sanctions or, if they want to do so, it will not be effective”.

We also discussed the latest US sanctions and the actions required to be taken to retaliate, he added, saying: “An example of these actions is the actions the Islamic Consultative Assembly is taking and will do so”.

“Of course, this issue will be discussed in detail in the meeting of the Supervisory Committee of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to let Americans understand that they will suffer the most from their own actions and this will lead them to isolation in the world,” he continued saying.

“Today, there is unity and integrity among the three branches and other pillars of the government under the supervision of the Supreme Leader and all armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran that support this government will throw their support and nobody can harm our armed forces’ power,” Dr Rouhani said adding that Iran is in a place that no one can harm its greatness.

“The Army, IRGC, Basij, Police and other security forces are supported by the people, the Supreme Leader and the three branches and, God willing, we will continue our path powerfully,” he added.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also added: “The 12th Administration will exercise more unity and integrity with the Majlis and the judiciary to realise people’s wishes and demands”.

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