We will respond to US Congress move accordingly/US must learn from 40-year experience; respecting Iranian nation's rights the only way/Repeating past sanctions not effective; we will continue our way firmly

President Rouhani emphasised that Iran will respond accordingly to the new move by the US Congress, stating that Washington must learn from its 40-year history of hostility, respecting the Iranian nation's rights.

Wed 26 - July 2017 - 13:32

Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani also said: "Our people are well familiar with such hostilities and are used to them, knowing will how to confront these policies".

"The Iranian nation knows that they should stand against their enemies because during these 40 years, they have constantly faced various sanctions, pressures and false allegations from American propaganda machines and politicians," the President added.

He also continued: "US' hostility is not merely towards the Islamic Republic of Iran but rather, they cannot tolerate Iranian people's resistance and they cannot accept that a country can have such independence and effectiveness in a critical region".

"All they worry about is that Iran, as a great and independent country, is not under the influence of western policies, especially the US, is present in the region and resists against their pressures," Rouhani continued.

He also went on to say: "Such sanctions do not affect the Iranian nation and neither decreases people and the Islamic Republic of Iran's resistance, nor will change our policies and path".

President Rouhani added: "Policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are based on independent policies, Islam and people's votes and it will act upon people's votes and opinions".

The US' freedom in imposing sanctions has been restricted after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), said Rouhani adding: "Before the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Americans used to impose sanctions against the Iranian people under any pretext and they were attempting to take the sanctions outside the borders and affect other countries and Europe".

"They even tried hard to take the sanctions to the Security Council and make it a global matter," said the President.

He also continued: "Therefore, the bill that the House of Representatives has passed, will be forwarded to the Senate and you will see that sanctions against Iran are different from sanctions against North Korea or Russia. Iran's sanctions are in fact the repetition of past sanctions and this indicates that the tool of sanctions has been very slow compared to previous years".

We will always keep our vigilance and watchfulness, Rouhani added, saying: "We have learned our political path and style from the Quran and the Prophet".

"The Quran teaches us that we must never break vows and promises because we are Muslims and follow the path of the Prophet," Dr Rouhani added.

Referring to a verse from Quran, he said: "If the enemy violates its promises and commitments, we will react accordingly".

He also referred to the Army, IRGC, Basij, the Police and security forces and that the great Iranian nation supports them, saying: "We will continue to strengthen our defensive power regardless of what others' think".

"Of course, the Quran also says that if enemies are really after peace, willing to put their animosity aside and treating you well, you have to do the same and exercise peace," Rouhani added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will definitely react to the latest US Congress move, said the President adding: "As a first step, the Islamic Consultative Assembly will take its steps and we will take any steps that we believe is necessary for strengthening our country without paying attention to their sanctions and policies".

"If Americans want this critical region to be stable and secure, they must abandon such policies and know that our government, courageous leader and people will never be affected by these conspiracies and will continue moving on its track," the President said.

Dr Rouhani also said: "The only way that is left for the United States is that they must respect the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic of Iran's rights and know that it is only by respecting people's rights that their own interests will be guaranteed".

"We are not against other countries' interests and we want other countries to achieve their interests but we do not accept pressure and we will resist against pressure and sanctions and will react accordingly," he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also expressed hope that peace and security prevail in all countries of the region, Americans follow the path of rationality and know that the only way is to respect and surrender to the great Iranian nation's will.

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