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President in cabinet session:

Iran has a rational policy with wisdom in region, world/Today the hardest day for U.S in Iran’s nuclear issue/Let’s focus on youth employment, boost production

President Rouhani described violence and extremism as a great threat for the region and the world stressing that Iraqi people’s victory against ISIS terrorists and liberation of Mosul is a cheering move not only for the people of Iraq, but for the Iranian people and all nations of the region.

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Thu 13 - July 2017 - 16:06

President Rouhani chaired the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday and said: “Nobody has forgotten the days when Mosul was occupied and they were thinking about occupying other cities of Iraq including Erbil and even Baghdad”.

“In those days, the first country that helped the Iraqi people and government in their fight against terrorism was the Islamic Republic of Iran and this has been recorded in the history and will always be remembered for the people of the region,” Dr Rouhani continued.

He also said: “Those major countries that interfered in the region with their military presence in the past 16 years and plunged it into insecurity by occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, did not do anything against terrorists in Iraq despite having bases and deploying their cruisers and fighter jets in the region”.

“Instead, they were possibly happy about such issues in the region because this helped their weapon factories become more active and gave them an excuse to interfere more,” he added.

 Stating that some countries in the region have expressed happiness over the unpleasant events, he said: “They interpreted the issue as war between Shia and Sunni in their media and discourse, claiming that it was the Iraqi Prime Minister and government fault”.

“They said the Sunnis were being subject to tyranny and terrorists appeared because of this reason, leading to Mosul occupation,” the President added.

Dr Rouhani also said: “This proves that those countries were behind this issue to some extent and thought that terrorism can be a tool for them to achieve their goals in the region”.

President Rouhani also said: “Some powers were trying to make terrorism in region look like a popular protest”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “Today is a very happy day for the Iranian people because it proves that the government and administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran made a correct decision from the beginning and today, the entire world admit Iran’s right choice”.

We told the world that today, extremism and violence is a great threat for the world and the region and that everyone must join hands for a world against violence and extremism, said Rouhani adding: “Fortunately, the United Nations responded positively and Iran’s proposal was approved in the General Assembly”.

Heads of most European countries had a hard time believing my words about regional issues, continued the President adding: “They had taken another path and thought that the solution was to changing the governments and their sovereignty”.

“Months and years later, terrorists, especially ISIS in Syria and Iraq, did things that almost every one of their sponsors were ashamed of. They took humanity under an exclamation mark,” he continued.

He continued: “Of course, we witnessed such violence in 1980 and 1981 in Iran. There were terrorists in Iran, who are unfortunately in some European countries, that skinned a security force”.

Stating that we have not forgotten these things, Dr Rouhani said: “Our people were not unfamiliar with such crimes but maybe other peoples were less familiar with these savage acts”.

Iran has a rational policy with wisdom in the region and the world, said the President, “In the nuclear issue, Iran proved that it is willing to find a peaceful solution for complicated international issues. We resolve the issue with not only 6 powers, the UN and Security Council, but also with the IAEA in PMD case”.

“Today, our people must be able to benefit from relative stability and security in the region, as well as the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),” continued Rouhani.

“I believe despite the fact that we do not trust the U.S enough in fulfilling its commitment, this day is the hardest day for the U.S in Iran’s nuclear issue”.

He continued: “Making decision has not been so much difficult for the Americans. When they decided to raise issues in Iran’s case, they did it; when they decided to take the case to the Security Council, they did; when they wanted to issue resolutions against Iran, they did; when they wanted to impose sanctions on us, they did; but today it is the hardest day for them and they are repeatedly saying that the JCPOA has not been a good agreement for the U.S. Some of their authorities are saying that they were tricked but they cannot do anything about it”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran chose a path in which violating the agreement is not an easy thing to do even for the enemies. This is a source of pride for Iran’s policy and our diplomats”.

He also said: “It is true that the Iraqi nation’s victory against terrorists, and God willing, the Syrian nation’s coming victory against terrorists belong to the Iraqi and Syrian people, but it is a victory for all countries of the region, especially the Iranian nation, because we have stood by these nations everywhere, helping them in their fight against terrorism”.

“In the meantime, we must know that fighting terrorists is different from fighting terrorism. Combatting terrorists may be very difficult in nature but it cannot be harder than combatting terrorism”.

A small minority cannot decide for a nation; ISIS was a small minority, continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that ISIS terrorists wanted to make decisions for nations, not paying attention to experts and interpreting Islam and Quran in their own way”.

“Some countries in the region are after disturbing the region for their ambitions because they are young and unexperienced in ruling. We hope that they come back to the right track and understand that the region is a big and complex one,” Dr Rouhani continued.

Iran is a powerful country; some must learn from the past and speak with an appropriate tone, said Rouhani adding: “Americans must show courtesy. Some of their authorities and military officials say words that have been repeated many times”.


news id: 99752

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