Terrorism, some countries’ intervention fanned flames in region/Iran welcomes efforts for ending rows, rift in region/Stressing deepening Tehran-Muscat ties

President Rouhani met with the Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs of Oman and described Tehran-Muscat ties as amicable, close and brotherly, stressing that ties between the two countries should deepen in all fields of mutual interest.

Wed 12 - July 2017 - 14:28

In the meeting with Yusuf bin Alawi on Wednesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: “Iran and Oman have had amicable and close relationship in recent years”.

Describing Oman as a friend country in many regional policies, he continued: “We should take advantage of close Tehran-Muscat ties to develop, deepen and cement ties to serve both peoples”.

He also described economic agreements between Iran and Oman in various fields of energy, mutual port cooperation, North-South transit corridor and private sectors of the two countries as very important.

Referring to advanced equipment in Iran’s southern ports such as Chabahar as a good opportunity to develop economic and trade ties between countries of the region, he added: “Companies and private sectors of Oman can also cooperate in various projects in our country and invest in them”.

Underscoring regional cooperation to resolve issues and problems, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, terrorism and some countries’ intervention in internal affairs of other countries has fanned the flames in region, to put out which we need more integrity and cooperation between countries of the region”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has responded positively with all its might to those governments that called for help in their fight against terrorism,” Rouhani continued.

He also said: “When the Iraqi nation needed help in combatting terrorism, Iran stood by them and helped them until Mosul was liberated and it will help fighting terrorism in Iraq and other oppressed peoples of the region in fighting terrorism”.

“Rooting out terrorism as a contagious virus in the region requires help and cooperation by all countries, using all their might and facilities,” he said.

The President also referred to wrong decisions by some governments as the root cause of issues in countries of the region, including Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Qatar, adding: “Continuing this trend is not beneficial to any country in the region and the first one to be affected by these policies are themselves”.

Stressing that to solve issues in Yemen and Bahrain only peace and negotiation is possible, he said: “Ways such as intimidation, pressure and siege against countries such as Qatar is incorrect and we all must try to end tensions in the region”.

Iran, Oman and Kuwait have always had positive negotiations in regional issues, said Rouhani adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes efforts for ending disagreements and rifts in region”.

During the same meeting, the Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs of Oman, Yusuf bin Alawi also said: “Iran and Oman have a very strong relationship. Relations between the two countries is based on not only diplomatic ties, but also friendly, strong that brotherly relations”.

“Iran’s progress, especially in acquiring nuclear technology and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) increased Iran’s authority in the region and the world and Iran could convince the global community that it is an international power,” he added.

He continued: “Iran’s role in peacefully resolving regional issues and also the Syrian crisis and fighting terrorism and ISIS has been very important and effective”.

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