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President in a meeting with the leader of national Iraqi alliance:

Mosul liberation must boost unity, integrity in Iraq/Iran backs Iraq's stability, unity

President Rouhani met with the Leader of the National Iraqi Alliance and congratulated him on the recent victories of the Iraqi government, army and popular forces in their fight against terrorism, stressing that with the liberation of Mosul, unity and integrity in Iraq must double.

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Tue 04 - July 2017 - 19:18

In the meeting with Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: "With the recent victories in Mosul and the defeat of terrorists, we hope that security, stability and unity in Iraq be strengthened more than before and, without a doubt, this stability and security is beneficial for relations between the two Iranian and Iraqi nations".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is always willing to have good, strong relations with all its neighbours, especially Iraq," said Rouhani stressing that deepening Tehran-Baghdad relations is what the two nations ask for.

Emphasising the need to push controversial issues away and strengthen the pillars of unity among all ethnicities in Iraq, he said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran supports a stable, integrated and united Iraq and any move aimed at undermining this unity and integrity in Iraq will not be beneficial and accepted by anyone".

At the same meeting, the Leader of the National Iraqi Alliance expressed his gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran for supporting the Iraqi government and nation, especially in their fight against ISIS, adding: "The liberation of Mosul has strengthened national unity in Iraq".

"After the liberation of Mosul, Iraq has faced new atmosphere, expectations and challenges, overcoming which requires precise planning and cooperation between all ethnic and political groups," said Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim.

news id: 99695

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