Developing South Pars Phase 11 not only an economic contract, but also a scientific, technological, management cooperation

President Rouhani met with the Chairman and CEO of France’s Total company and described South Pars region as an important centre for developing international cooperation with Iran in the field of energy-technology.

Mon 03 - July 2017 - 22:56

In the meeting that was held on Monday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani told Total’s Patrick Pouyanné: “Due to the good potentials and hard-working young men in Iran, the contract of developing Phase 11 of South Pars is not only an economic one, but also a scientific, technological and management cooperation”.

Total CEO: We seek a long-term cooperation with Iran

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and France have always had good relations and cooperation with each other,” he continued saying.

Referring to France’s position in economy and energy technology, he added: “The signing and execution of this contract will be a significant step in development of economic and technological cooperation between the two countries”.

Stating that the 11th administration has attempted to finalise the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to clear the path for economic cooperation between major companies and Iran, the President said: “Fortunately, this political will from the Iranian side and among P5+1 countries paved the way for this agreements with Total”.

President also referred to his Europe and France visit after the signing of JCPOA, adding: “In Paris, there was a good political will among the authorities of both countries to develop cooperation and important agreements were signed between the two countries to deepen ties and cooperation”.

“It is our policy to cooperate with major companies such as Total,” said Dr Rouhani, adding: “Currently, projects in gas and oil worth roughly $200bn are ready to be invested on and major foreign companies can cooperate in these projects”.

“We must work hard to achieve peace and stability in the region serving economic progress and development of the region, because scientific and developmental cooperation can help us combat ignorance and poverty as the bedrocks of terrorism expansion,” he continued.

The President also expressed hope that with the new agreements and cooperation in the field of gas, oil and petrochemicals, Iran and France take considerable steps in developing ties.

During the meeting, the Chairman and CEO of France’s Total company Patrick Pouyanné also expressed happiness over meeting the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and described the contract as a very important one, saying: “Today, we are very happy that we could finalise and execute the contract with the help of the authorities of the two countries”.

Stating that the JCPOA agreement has paved the way for further development of relations between European countries and Iran, he said: “We are optimistic about our cooperation with Iranian companies”.

“We seek a long-term cooperation with Iran,” continued Pouyanné.

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