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President in an iftar ceremony with women and family activists:

Ramadan the month of practicing kindness, forgiveness/Material and spiritual progress depends on unity, respecting society/Dividing society into good and bad doesn’t lead us to goal/One mustn’t scrutinise people’s lives

President Rouhani met with women and family activists and described the holy month of Ramadan as the month of practicing kindness and forgiveness towards each other, saying: “Material and spiritual progress depends on unity and respecting the society”.

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Sat 24 - June 2017 - 23:54

In the iftar ceremony that was held late on Saturday, Dr Rouhani added: “God wants to tell His servants that He forgives them and this means that any mistake can be compensated”.

“Dividing the society into good and bad does not lead us to our goals. Some people dividing the society into good and bad think that some are always bad and they must be looked at with a sullen face,” the President added.

He also said: “God says the path is clear for everyone. Anyone can make mistakes in his individual, social and political life but the base of faith is that we must not view our faith higher and other’s lower”.

Material and spiritual progress depends on unity and respecting the society, said Dr Rouhani adding: “We must accept each other’s opinions. Certainly, two opinions are not exactly the same and there are different opinions in a society and we must respect each other’s opinions”.

Slamming on some ideas that divide the society into two different sexes and viewing men as the superior sex, he said: “Of course, it is true that men and women are two different genders but men are not superior and women are not inferior”.

Stating that some believe that if women join men in the society, morality, spirituality and everything will be lost, he said: “We saw in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in commissions that women were members of, that there was more spirituality”.

He went on to say: “Patriarchy is in our tradition but it is not Islamic. There are many traditions in our society that have nothing to do with Islamic ideas”.

“Recently, we have had a considerable number of women working in new enterprises, especially in petrochemicals,” Rouhani said adding that women have an effective presence in science and knowledge.

We should accept the realities of today’s world and Islam, he continued, saying: “In political issues and elections, women have considerable presence”.

“Today, women are sensitive about their fate and work well but more attempt needs to be taken in higher management levels,” Dr Rouhani continued.


news id: 99569

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