Gov’t committed to actually delegate economy to private sector/Economy requires stable market/All gov’t branches should provide security for private sector/Reforming banking system a key gov’t programme

President Rouhani met with business people and said that delegating economy to people and the private sector was essential.

Thu 22 - June 2017 - 23:42

In the iftar ceremony that was held late on Thursday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: “The 11th administration has been committed to delegate economic activities to the private sector from the first day”.

“The holy month of Ramadan is the moth of practice, tolerance, resistance and steadfastness,” continued the President adding: “Division and rifts happen in the society because of lack of tolerance”.

He continued saying: “Tolerating opposite opinions is one of the most valuable examples of patience. Some of us want everybody to think exactly as we do, whereas this is not in our culture and religion”.

We must accept and recognise different opinions and tastes, said Rouhani, adding: “If we consider people’s wishes as the final say, it is when our production, distribution and trade id defined in people”.

“If the policies of Article 44 of the constitution were implemented exactly, we would have a great revolution and development,” the President continued, referring to the Supreme Leader’s emphasis on the Article.

He also said: “For the first time in the country, capital of state banks doubled and this was an important and unprecedented work that happened in the 11th administration”.

Economy requires a stable market, continued Rouhani adding: “All the branches of the system should provide security for the private sector”.

President Rouhani also said that reforming the banking system is a key programme for the administration, saying: “We must attempt to create an economic prosperity in the country”.


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