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President in a cabinet session:

Regional, global disputes beneficial to Zionism, terrorism/Islamic world unity must be bolstered to impede Zionism, terrorism in region/Combatting terrorism harmful to Zionists, beneficial to Islamic world/Quds Day respected by Iranian nation, all Muslims, other nations worldwide

"To impede Zionism and terrorism in the region, unity in the Islamic world must be promoted," said President Rouhani in the session of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, inviting the entire Iranian nation to take part in Quds Day demonstrations.

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Wed 21 - June 2017 - 12:38

"To impede Zionism and terrorism in the region, unity in the Islamic world must be promoted," said President Rouhani in the session of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

"One of the opportunities that the Islamic Revolution has provided us with in the holy month of Ramadan is using the last Friday of the month as International Quds Day is the day to commemorate the issue of Palestine," continued the President.

"Quds Day is respected by Iranian nation, all Muslims, and other nations around the world," said Rouhani adding that the issue of Palestine and the Holy Quds is very important for us, Muslims and people around the world.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "It has been 70 years now that the peoples of the region, especially the people of Palestine and the neighbours of this land are suffering from aggression by the usurper, cruel and criminal Zionist regime".

He continued: "The issue of Palestine can never be forgotten, although the Zionists have been trying to promote terrorism in the region and make problems for the peoples of the region to make us forget the issues of Palestine".

He continued saying: "The issue of Palestine is a great and unforgivable cruelty leading to a nation's displacement and the root cause of many issues and problems in the region".

"Today, the Zionists' overt and covert intervention can be seen in almost every dispute among countries of the region," said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dr Rouhani added: "Terrorists who become injured in the region, are sent to Zionist Regime's hospitals for treatment. Terrorists are provided with arms and bomb the region to serve their interests and it is crystal clear that they are sponsors of terrorism in the region".

Stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports the oppressed people of Palestine both financially and spiritually, he said: "Disputes in the region and the Islamic world, such as disagreements between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and Turkey, are beneficial to Zionism and terrorism".

"Combatting terrorism is harmful to Zionists and beneficial to Islamic world," said President Rouhani adding: "To impede Zionism and terrorism in the region, unity in the Islamic world must be promoted".

He continued saying: "We must settle the issues of the region through political dialogue based on brotherhood, friendship and long-term interests of the region; this is what the Zionist Regime does not want".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has helped the Iraqi nation in their fight against terrorism and we hope to see Mosul liberated in the near future. We hope that liberation of Mosul be the symbol of victory of the nations in the region against the plot of terrorists," he continued.

The President also went on to say: "Iran has helped, and will support all the nations that are combatting terrorism and considers it as its main goal for achieving peace and stability in the region".

Iran will not let terrorism to spread in the region, said Rouhani adding: "If the masters of terrorism decide to spread terrorist acts to the sacred land of Iran, they must know that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not let terrorists and their masters to do so".

"We have announced from the beginning that our missiles are defensive missiles and we will not ask for anybody's permission for our defensive power," President Rouhani continued.

He also said: "Combatting terrorism is a decision by the entire Iranian nation. Acting against terrorist headquarters has been decided in the Supreme Council of National Security and we have given our armed forces even more authority".

"We will not let terrorists to turn Iran into a battlefield. Their masters must know that Iran is different from other countries of the region," Rouhani continued.

The President also went on to say: "The new rulers of the US must know that the Iranian nation will neither remain silent not tolerate any intimidation and pressure, but rather it will respond adequately".

"Preceding US administrations have had all these experiences and it has been 40 years that the US has hatched various plots against Iran. Of course, the previous US administration understood a bit that it has to use the language of respect with the Iranian nation and released that it must use the negotiation table instead of threats; though they were not able to fully receive Iranian nation's message," Rouhani said.

He also invited the entire Iranian nation to participate in Quds Day demonstrations adding: "The Iranian nation will attend the Quds Day demonstration better than last year".

news id: 99502

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