Imam Ali (AS) hero of humanity/Competitions over; let’s be a team, integrated/Iran, Islam source of pride for us in world/Women must have a role in sport/Keeping our bodies healthy an order in Islam, our duty

President attended an iftar ceremony with athletes and said: “Now the election time is over and the competitions are over just as domestic leagues, and any team’s fans are now the national team’s fans”.

Mon 19 - June 2017 - 08:06

Addressing athletes on Sunday night, the President also said: “Today, we want to take part in regional and global competitions and, in the field of security, science and self-sufficiency, reach the first levels”.

Emphasising the continuation of self-sufficiency in wheat production and the coming self-sufficiency in petrol production, as well as exporting 13m litres of diesel fuel per day instead of importing it, he added: "Anywhere there is dignity and national greatness, it is for all of us and the entire Iranians".

"Iran and Islam are beautiful words and it is very beautiful when we see people applauding Iran in competitions," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Human being's strength is not merely in physical power, said Rouhani adding: "For human being to be able to obey God, one must have physical strength and they can carry out their duties with more physical power, be it in war, jihad, worshipping, fasting, and helping the deprived".

"In the battlefield, we risk our lives to achieve higher goals, which is independence, dignity and honour of our country and this is what our soldiers did in the 8-year imposed war," the President continued.

He also went on to refer to Imam Ali (AS) as the hero of humanity and said: "Imam Ali's (AS) great soul and its place is very important. He was kind and merciful towards orphans just as he was powerful and imposing in the battlefield".

On the importance of physical and spiritual exercise, Dr Rouhani said: "Body health is one of God's great blessings and thanking these blessings will only be possible by attempting to take good care of them and this is possible through sport".

President Rouhani went on to refer to the Supreme Leader's emphasis on the need to promote sport in the country and said: "Sport spreads health and liveliness in the society".

"Keeping our bodies healthy is an order in Islam and one of our duties," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also added: "30 to 40 years ago, if there was any talk of sport for women, even hiking and mountaineering was unacceptable for some people but now it is not the case. Women must have a role in sport".

We want to introduce Islam to the world, he said adding: "We can introduce Islam with honour with what Imam Khomeini (RA) taught us in the Islamic Republic".

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr Rouhani also referred to Qadr nights and said: "Ramadan is the month of resistance, exercise, tolerance and exercise".

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