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President in an iftar ceremony with the press:

Working in media a sacred job/We must look to future goals, not past competitions/Media must try to protect the truth/People acted as citizen-reporters in election/Announcing gov’t achievements nothing but announcing nation’s victories

President Rouhani attended an iftar ceremony with the press and described working in the media as a sacred job adding: “As the Quran says, a messenger must be trustworthy, therefore, all media must tell the truth to the society and help realise national goals”.

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Fri 16 - June 2017 - 00:11

Expressing condolences over the anniversary of Imam Ali’s (AS) martyrdom, Dr Rouhani said on Thursday: “The media is not news creator but truth communicator and this is a heavy responsibility”.

Referring to the media’s key role during the elections and encouraging the people to attend the elections, he added: “The election days are very important days for the country and the people decided for their future in those days”.

“People’s high turnout in the election too place in the most sensitive regional, historical and global conditions, that is, in the conditions that the west was seeking to put newer pressures on Iran and some gathered in the region to threaten our people and the masters had given new orders to the terrorists in the region to promote insecurity in Tehran but the Iranian people foiled these plots with their high turnout,” continued President Rouhani.

“In the current conditions, we must look to the future goals but not past competitions”, said Rouhani adding that the 11th administration has been the most oppressed one in Iran’s post-revolution history.

Announcing the achievements of the administration is nothing but announcing the victories of the nation, continued the President adding: “The administration is nothing but people’s representative and one of the things that the media need to amend is that some say, for example, this media supports the administration, while the administration is people’s representative”.

Constructive criticism is very fruitful, said President while saying: “It is true that criticism is necessary, as salt is necessary for making food but the whole food must not be made with salt but we must tell the people the truth”.

He continued: “True and constructive criticism means that we must tell the people a fact and, for example, say that we are now self-sufficient in wheat production and then express the criticism”.

Calling on all media to speak friendlier, he said: “We are grateful to those who fulfilled their duties and call on those media who we believe were not on the right track to help the 12th administration to begin its term in a new atmosphere”.

Dr Rouhani added: “We have a great responsibility on our shoulders. Of course, people acted as citizen-reporters in the election, therefore, if the media who were on the right track would work on their own, we would not win the election”.

news id: 99419

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