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President at the funeral of Tehran terrorist attack martyrs:

Terrorists’ move was actually in revenge for democracy in Iran/People to powerfully continue efforts for achieving national goals, boosting integrity, unity

President Rouhani described the recent terrorist attack in Tehran as actually in revenge for democracy in Iran, adding: “Our people will powerfully continue the way of achieving national goals and strengthening integrity and unity and, without a doubt, the Iranian nation will be a successful nation”.

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Fri 09 - June 2017 - 14:58

Speaking with reporters on Friday at the funeral ceremony of those dead in Tehran terrorist attack, Dr Rouhani said: “Every time the Iranian nation achieves a great victory, the enemies seek to strike the people and the country”.

“People’s spirited attendance in the presidential and Islamic Councils elections astonished all the enemies of this nation and made Iran’s friends around the world happy,” continued the President.

He also said: “In our region, those who sponsor terrorism and have not seen democracy in their lives and those who are terrorists and define democracy as idolatry are against democracy”.

Democracy destroys the intellectual bases of the terrorists and shows that violence and force is not a solution and people’s vote is the solution, said Rouhani adding: “Elections and the ballot box has struck the intellectual bases of the violent extremists, terrorists and their sponsors hard and they have always sought to take revenge, not knowing that the Iranian nation are strong and have experienced such incidents a lot”.

“The Iranian people have seen such incidents a lot since Feb. 11, 1979,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dr Rouhani also visited the families of those who lost their lives in Tehran terrorist attack and expressed his condolences.

news id: 99339

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